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Letters to the Editor

On the Corner

Thank you for the Thanksgiving “On the Corner.” (Bob Docter’s) dad was one of the first persons I admired when I first came in contact with The Salvation Army. You described him well. I could almost see him in action, using his gifts of “wisdom, knowledge, and service.” Thanks for the memory!

Tom Cisar, Major (R)

Norman Rockwell

Thank you for sending us your paper, which I read diligently…

I am writing about something which has bothered me ever since I came to this country. I have wondered what kind of home Norman Rockwell had that he could produce a picture that had six men sitting at a table and an elderly woman in a worn cotton dress struggles into the room carrying a 20-pound turkey!…Not one of them seems to think they should help her. This attitude was what caused a teacher in Philadelphia to originate “Mother’s Day” as…she felt this attitude should be corrected. Evidently the news did not reach Norman Rockwell…I do hope you bear this in mind when selecting pictures for your otherwise excellent publication.

Gladys Goddard, Major (R)
Asbury Park, N.J.

Thanksgiving in the ’90s

Thanksgiving time was coming down

In that famous Rockwell town.

Mom, still hale at sixty-five,

Her skills and energy alive,

Had bought the turkey and other stuff

Always sure to have enough

For Tom and Jane and husband Brett

And their kids Teddy and Janette.

But when it came time for the feast

They wouldn’t let her do the least

Grueling, back-exhausting chore

She’d done so many years before.

The giblets were pulled out by Tom;

Jane made the stuffing with aplomb;

The bread and onions chopped by Ted

Yams were baked and stuffed ahead;

And when all the feast was ready,

“Let’s bring in that turk!” said Teddy.

As Dad hoisted that crackling bird,

The sound of “No, you don’t!” was heard,

As Mom, with apron hastily tied,

Stepped forth to hold the bird with pride.

The grand tradition was restored,

All seated ’round the groaning board.

Mom o’er the heavy dish did hover,

And Rockwell put them on his cover.

–Frances Dingman


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Thank You, Letty!

Thank You, Letty!

The Body Builder by Captain Terry Camsey – Letty came to our corps last

Caring Really is Sharing

Caring Really is Sharing

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