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Program offers hope to children throughout the world.

by Isobel Robinson, Major –

Whether orphaned because of HIV, abandoned because of a parent’s mental illness, unwanted because of a disability, removed from the family because of abuse or neglect, or simply turned over to the Army because there is no money for food or education, every child in the Overseas Child Sponsorship program is a unique individual who needs loving care. The Salvation Army offers this care to children from Argentina to Zimbabwe—literally from “A” to “Z”—through funds generated by the Overseas Children’s Sponsorship program.

Having recently returned from overseas and seeing firsthand the Army’s work, I know that the money is put to good use. Although Singapore and Malaysia are emerging more rapidly than many neighboring countries, the underprivileged and poor still need help. Homes in Singapore are even being used as safe havens for children who have been rescued from human trafficking.

During our almost five years in Singapore, Ian (my husband) and I met influential business owners, teachers, airline stewardesses, doctors, deep sea treasure hunters, Salvation Army officers, soldiers and friends who were all products of the Army’s children’s homes. In Myanmar, almost every officer lived in an Army home as a child or was educated in one of the schools.

When asked about that experience, each one reported that being placed in a Salvation Army home was the best thing that could have happened. One man said that he and all but one of his brothers had grown up in an Army home in Malaysia. Sadly, he notes, the one who did not grow up in the home became a drug addict, while the rest of the boys became successful businessmen.

Your monthly support of $20 can make a world of difference to a child. For some it is a matter of life or death. But to all it is a matter of hope, the hope that they can escape a life of poverty, become productive members of the community and, by God’s grace, give back a little of what they have received. The man who became a treasure hunter is an example of this. He is a financial and spiritual contributor to the Army’s work in Malaysia, even funding college or university education for numerous young men.

In this season of self-denial, when we particularly remember the Army’s work overseas, please consider sponsoring a child. You won’t regret it!

For more information, contact Major Isobel Robinson at isobel.robinson@usw.salvationarmy.org or at 562-491-8462.

And whoever welcomes a little child like this in my name welcomes me (Matthew 18:5).

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