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Short Term Missions Make Big Impact

Note: As a lay missionary on short term duty, Laura Robinson has provided administrative support at the East Africa territorial headquarters for the past 10 months.

I have literally grown up in church; my parents have been pastors for almost half my life. I can lead songs and worship, pray, read scripture, give my testimony, lead Sunday school, teach Bible studies–you name it and I am confident I can do it…that was, until a while ago, when asked to give a sermon…

“I want to speak about unity, about how important it is for us all to see each other as equal in God’s eyes no matter what our circumstances,” I said.

“It sounds more like a sermon on humility,” replied my friend Samson.

“Well it’s not–it’s about unity,” I snapped.

“OK, OK, what scripture are you using?” he asked patiently.

“I don’t know–I’ve been working on this for over a week and I have four versions of the same sermon and they all stink!”

It’s the day before I am scheduled to speak. I am overwhelmed and hoping that Samson will take over the sermon for me.

“Just relax,” he says. “You are over-thinking the whole thing. I KNOW you can preach.”

“Easy for you to say; you ARE a preacher. You know that not everybody is called to preach; some are called to teach and encourage. I think you better do this sermon–I’ll pray or something.”

“You are not getting out of this so easily. Relax and let God speak through you. I’ll leave you now to sort this out.”

“Fine ­ abandon me in my time of need!”

“I’ll pray for you.”

Sunday morning arrived and I was a mess. I prayed for strength–strength to get through this without fainting or losing my breakfast.

Soon Samson introduced me as the speaker, and 15 minutes later I was again seated, my sermon over. I was a little disappointed in how it turned out but relieved to have done it.

On the way back, I was completely exhausted, emotionally and physically. All this time I thought moving to a developing nation, leaving my friends and family behind, trying to adjust to a new culture, learning a new language and trying to save all the street children in Nairobi was difficult, but now I know…it is NOTHING compared to preaching a sermon!

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