Latin America North holds first youth camp

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by Lucila Doria, Captain – 


YOUTH FROM NINE countries “Got Connected” at the first territorial youth camp held in the Latin America North Territory.

“Get Connected!” was the theme of the Latin America North’s recent territorial youth camp, held over Easter week and uniting young people from the nine countries that belong to the territory: Belize, Colombia, Costa Rica, Cuba, Guatemala, Honduras, Panama, El Salvador and Venezuela. This was the first territorial youth camp ever held in this young, developing territory.

The delegates gathered for a busy week filled with activities designed to strengthen their walk with God. Daily activities included morning chapel with praise and worship, Bible studies, music (chorus, guitar, piano, trumpet and drums) and creative ministries classes (dance, singing, drama and mime).

During free time, the youth enjoyed the swimming pool or engaged in other sports. Special events included a trip to the movies to see The Passion Of The Christ and a visit from new territorial leaders, Colonels Jorge and Adelina Ferreira along with a trip to the beach.

The camp culminated in a special weekend of celebration to God. At our Good Friday meeting, delegates were joined by officers from San José and other divisional leaders, along with Commissioners William and Marilyn Francis, international leaders for the Americas. Captain Nathanael Doria, Prescott, Ariz. corps officer, gave a message on the sacrifice of Jesus. That night we enjoyed a talent show.

Saturday morning we went to San José for two special meetings. At the first meeting, Commissioner Francis installed the new territorial leaders, the Ferreiras. Ferreira spoke of the challenge every Christian has to better serve the Lord and to take his word to others.

The young people then took to the streets of San José, distributing flyers and inviting people to a music festival, held in the garage parking lot of a building in downtown San José. People from the streets came and enjoyed the music and drama, and the message from God. At the meeting’s end, during the altar call, many came forward wanting to know more about God; some came to accept Jesus as their personal savior.

On Sunday, after a beautiful sunrise service at 5 a.m., we held our last meeting. We could feel the Lord’s presence as we were challenged to stay faithful to God. Young people and officers came to the altar seeking the touch of the Holy Spirit.

At the meeting’s close, all received a contract to remind us of our promise to follow God. Delegates expressed their commitment to take leadership in their local corps, to follow the will of God and to respond to the guidance of the Holy Spirit to better serve God in their communities.


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