Larssons conduct Latin American congresses

Recently, General John Larsson and Commissioner Freda Larsson visited the Latin America North Territory, conducting congresses in Cuba and Guatemala with the support of Colonels Jorge and Adelina Ferreira, territorial leaders. A contingent of the Texas Divisional Band provided musical accompaniment during the trip.

With the theme “Come and See Where the Spirit of the Lord Dwells,” the congress in Cuba featured three meetings at the Charismatic Methodist Church. Several hundred people attended the services, with over 100 responding to altar calls. During one service, the territorial commander introduced the seven accepted candidates of the Heralds of the Good News Session of cadets, who will take part in the anticipated extension training program in Cuba. Later, in an afternoon rally, the General recognized the many parents of Cuban officers who have not been able to be present at their commissioning in Jamaica or Costa Rica.

In Guatemala, the Larssons, the territorial leaders and the Texas Band participated in the “Rebirth” Congress. General Larsson spoke at a public relations dinner held by the Guatemala and Honduras Division as a part of the congress; attending the dinner, among others, were the President of the Evangelical Alliance and a representative of the Honduran Embassy.

The Rebirth Congress also held a March of Witness, with delegates from Belize, Colombia, Costa Rica, the Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras and Panama parading to the music of the Texas Band and the band from the Army’s school in Limón, Guatemala.

Later, at the first commissioning and ordination of cadets held outside of Costa Rica since the territorial headquarters moved there from Mexico in 1998, the General commissioned three new captains of the Preparers of the Way Session.

Following General Larsson’s injunction to say “yes to the Lord, with no buts,” five people expressed a desire to serve God as officers in The Salvation Army, in addition to seven who made first time decisions and 38 reconsecrations.

Exerpted from a report by Major Doug Danielson

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