Kenya refugees remain in Uganda

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Despite waning media coverage, crisis is ongoing.

REFUGEES who fled the unrest in Kenya continue to live across the border in Uganda under the care of local families and a few non-governmental organizations. The Salvation Army’s International Emergency Services team, based in Tororo, Uganda, reports that there is still great need, as families continue to cross the border.

The Salvation Army was concerned that the supply of food was insufficient to meet the need, due to the number of people being cared for by individual families. A representative of a United Nations working group was heard to say: “There is a high possibility of severe famine in this area and a humanitarian crisis.”

With financial assistance from other parts of the Salvation Army world, including the Netherlands, the United Kingdom and New Zealand, the Army has provided approximately 12,500 people—refugees and hosts—with basic food rations.

Challenges continue, as people continue to cross the border. Major Cedric Hills, international emergency services coordinator, commented: “This is turning into a much longer-term support exercise than anyone thought it would. Despite generous support from around the world, the funds available for this response are now almost exhausted. The team is working hard and providing tremendous support for very needy people but further resources are still needed.”

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From an international emergency services report by Major Mike Caffull.

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