Journey toward the heart of God

The Gathering’s Tabernacle of Prayer leads visitors back to the foundation of their faith.


Inside the prayer room Photo by Dianne Madsen

By Linda Madsen, Major

Delegates at The Gathering, the Western Territory’s 2012 congress, could experience God at the “Tabernacle of Prayer,” a room at the Pasadena (Calif.) Convention Center set aside for people to pursue a journey toward the heart of God.

For the original Tabernacle of the Bible, where God first chose to dwell among his people, his specific instructions in the book of Exodus revealed a profound love—he was willing to “move into their neighborhood.”

At The Gathering’s Tabernacle of Prayer, every element was a prayer station where visitors could reflect, making personal applications in their minds and hearts, and then allowing God to speak new life and meaning into who he is and who they are. From the Brazen Altar to the Holy of Holies, the “Sanctuary,” all were welcome to be refreshed, renewed and recommitted.

“It is so powerful. This place is truly anointed. I must bring my people here. Thank you,” stated one officer as he exited the area. Two other individuals confessed a call to officership.

In the Sanctuary, people could post their praises and thanks for God’s work in their lives on a “praise arbor.” By Sunday afternoon, this canvas was covered.

Visitors could also view another section, “Stay on the Wall—to Set the Captives Free” Prayer for Social Justice, coordinated by Major Noreen French. French has extensive experience in the fight against human trafficking. She spoke with many people, explaining how they can engage in ministry and make an impact to set the captives free in the name of Christ.

With its air of prayer and solitude, the Tabernacle of Prayer allowed people to meet with God in his Sanctuary and feel his palpable presence. God was faithful, bestowing his love and mercy upon everyone who entered.

Gathered together to praise the Lord

Gathered together to praise the Lord

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