Japan holds congress

The Japan Territory welcomes Commissioners Barry and Sue Swanson to the event.

Salvationists gathered from across Japan in December 2010 to meet the Chief of the Staff Commissioner Barry C. Swanson and Commissioner Sue Swanson, World Secretary for Women’s Ministries, guest leaders for the Japan Congress.

Commissioner Sue Swanson answers questions from young people in Japan (photo courtesy of International Headquarters).

Territorial Commander Commissioner Makoto Yoshida welcomed the commissioners and attendees to the first meeting. The time included a look back over the Japan Territory’s 115 years.

“Let us seek for blessings like Caleb, who looked back on history, remembered God’s promise and sought for blessings in his total obedience,” Commissioner Barry Swanson said. Many people gathered at the mercy seat after his message.

At the next morning’s service, Commissioner Sue Swanson spoke to the children, using a compass to illustrate that “we can find God from anywhere.” She then prayed for them as they stood.

The service included enrollment of 11 senior soldiers and an announcement of another two candidates’ acceptance into the Proclaimers of the Resurrection Session at the School for Officer Training. “Holiness” was the topic of Commissioner Barry Swanson’s message.

For the final congress meeting, Commissioner Barry Swanson spoke on the topic “Show Us the Vision.” Commissioner Sue Swanson helped serve at an after-service sushi buffet. The commissioners then joined the youth for a question-and-answer time.

At the conclusion of officers councils, all those present attended a Christmas “Promenade Concert” to launch the territory’s Christmas kettle program. The Japan Staff Band and Cantata Musica Tokyo—a Christian choir—provided music.

After the performance, the commissioners came to the stage to make the first donation to the Christmas kettle.

From an international news release

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