Jamestown, N.D., Salvation Army responding to explosion

The Salvation Army is providing food and water for firefighters, senior citizens and others following a fiery explosion that occurred this morning at an automobile storage facility less than 100 yards away from the Army’s facility. Nearby buildings were evacuated, and no injuries have been reported.

“At 9:45 a.m. we heard a loud boom,” said Lt. Teresa Brecto of the Jamestown Salvation Army. “We went to the window and saw a huge fireball and billowing smoke.”

Brecto is among six Salvation Army staff and volunteers serving beef stew, hot dogs, drinks and snacks to about 36 firefighters battling the blaze. The Salvation Army is also caring for a few senior citizens evacuated from their homes and is prepared to serve employees and guests of the nearby Gladstone Inn & Suites, which reportedly lost power.

“This is the first disaster we’ve responded to without needing our mobile kitchen–everyone is able to come right to us for assistance,” said Brecto, adding that The Salvation Army’s facility is located inside of a two-block police perimeter. “We are happy to serve and thankful nobody was hurt.”

The Jamestown Salvation Army will continue serving until no longer needed.

Donations to the Jamestown Salvation Army can be made online at or by calling 800-SAL-ARMY. Be sure to designate your donation “Jamestown, N.D.”

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