Island of Arno, Republic of the Marshall Islands

Hudson’s report continues: “On Saturday, following a day of travel to the Marshall Islands, we were once again on a boat for a two-hour trip to the Island of Arno. About 50 people from Majuro, Ebeye and Jaluit accompanied us. The ocean did not fully cooperate, and many people arrived a little sick but still excited about the day’s events. For some of the soldiers of Majuro, this was their first time off the island. I think everyone on the island was at the opening of the outpost. There were more people outside the building than could fit inside. Others did the best they could by looking in through the windows or listening from under nearby trees. The building, made entirely from local materials, was beautiful. What a joy it was to meet Overton Clarence’s brother, who welcomed the Army to their island. For those of you who may not know, it was Overton’s persistence that brought the Army to the Marshall Islands 21 years ago. And now, the Army is on the island of his birth.

“Sunday saw great celebrations of worship at the Rita Corps, where Lt. Colonel Don Bell enrolled 18 senior soldiers and Bell, along with myself and Captain Martin Cooper, simultaneously dedicated three baby boys (including Overton, the great-grandson of Overton Clarence). The Rita Corps now averages over 400 in meeting attendance on Sunday morning. Lt. Colonel Debora Bell brought the message at the Laura Corps. The meeting was led by the men’s fellowship secretary and included presentations by the Laura Home League timbrels and the YPL songster brigade who sang and signed ‘My Jesus, My Savior.’ Following the meeting the young men of the corps presented a traditional Marshallese stick dance.

“Captain Marty Cooper was delighted to announce that the Marshall Islands now has five corps and four outposts that average over 700 in attendance on a weekly basis. The soldiers are proud of this rapidly growing Army. The Army is indeed growing in this isolated part of the world.”

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