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In a letter to delegates of The Salvation Army’s 2009 International Conference of Leaders, General Shaw Clifton wrote: “Scripture promises that where the faithful gather in His name, there the Lord will be among them. We claim that sacred promise for this historic gathering.”

Joining Jesus were 135 territorial leaders and command heads from around the world, the largest assembly of leaders from throughout the worldwide Salvation Army. They explored a “full and challenging agenda centering on large themes that affect us all,” Clifton wrote. “We are here on behalf of the whole Army. We are servant-leaders. Let us remain humble and teachable for the sake of those we lead and serve.”

“Jesus Christ, who is the same yesterday, today and forever, will be our Chief Guest. The Holy Spirit will be our guide in all things as we address the issues of our time. Our Heavenly Father will smile upon us with divine love as we seek to help on the cause of his great plan of salvation for all humankind.”

Conference purpose statement here
The General convened the leaders for the following purposes:

• To honor God.

• To assess the Army’s current effectiveness in the world.

• To refocus upon the primary mission of the Army: the saving of souls and the meeting of human need in his name.

• To allow senior Army leaders to go deeper into Christ by praying, worshiping and thinking together.

• To spend time in the Scriptures together.

• To strategize together for the Army’s future work and witness.

• To renew our personal commitment to our sacred callings as officers of the Army.

Commissioners Swyers statement
Our territorial leaders attended the conference. “The International Conference of Leaders was an inspiration for both of us as we joined together with the same desires and prayers that God would be in our midst as we discussed current issues that affect our worldwide Army,” stated Commissioners Phillip and Pat Swyers, Western territorial leaders.

“The topics were many and varied and we felt privileged to sit under the ministry of the General and alongside leaders whose aims and desires are to serve together in the mission to reach people for the Kingdom of God. The rich spiritual fellowship brought us closer together as brothers and sisters in Christ, and it was a joy for us to represent the thousands of soldiers and officers of the Western Territory who are engaged in this warfare for Christ. We are thankful for all who supported us with their prayers and believe that God will continue to bless our Army as we each renew our commitment to seek his will and serve in his name.”

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