In-between as a way of life

Apparently Dante’s version of hell had many levels. One of them was called limbo. Catholics call it purgatory—it’s where you aren’t where you’re going but you’re not where you’ve been. You are in-between. Caught between two worlds. It’s a hard place to be.

I’ve read that living a completely free life means to be fully present. Letting go of yesterday and not being concerned with tomorrow. “Just live for today.” It looks way easier on Pinterest than in real life.

How do you live in expectancy without anxiety?

How do you hope without wanting?

How do you live in the present with meaning without wasting time?

When I started asking questions about this season, it dawned on me. We are all in this season. Together. This is the walk of faith. It’s the way of Jesus. It’s the “now and the not yet” of God’s Kingdom. We are all “not where we are going” but “not where we were.” Amen.

We are the in-betweeners in this world.

And that’s why living this life of faith is so truly difficult. We are called to live in the present with expectancy, hope and meaning…but the tendency we all have (because we are human) is anxiety, wanting, and wasting time. So, I’m taking this season as a lesson in faith: in real, living, Kingdom style faith. I’m letting go of the past. Yesterday is overrated. and I’m losing a preoccupation with what I can’t control about tomorrow. Instead, I’m choosing to practice an expectant hope for today. What is in front of me today? What does Jesus have for me today? “Give me my daily bread” comes to mind. Oh yeah, that’s the way Jesus taught us to pray and live. I’m looking for the deep meaning of my faith in this day. I refuse to waste my limbo.

I’m embracing in-between as a way of life.

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Danielle Strickland

Major Danielle Strickland serves in The Salvation Army as an officer in Los Angeles. Serving the marginalized for over 20 years, she is also an Ambassador for Stop The Traffik (a global anti-human trafficking campaign) and Compassion International. See more at

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