Human rights: Mary, Joseph and Jesus: A refugee story

A Scripture study from Caring, part four of four. Part 4: Mary, Joseph and Jesus: A Refugee Story Read part three here. Behind the scenes: Read what Scripture says in Matthew 1.  Beyond the surface: Any parent who has just experienced the birth of their first newborn can attest to the overpowering emotions of awe […]


Little Do Gooder’s Advent Calendar, part 4

An unhurried approach to the season for families. A family advent study from Caring, part four of four. Read part three here. Historically, advent is entirely about anticipation, excitement and readying oneself for the coming of Jesus. Yet, during what has become the busiest and increasingly commercialized season of holidays, it doesn’t seem to matter […]


Human rights: Vineyard workers and dignity of work

A Scripture study from Caring, part three of four.  Part 3: The vineyard workers and the dignity of work Read part two here. Behind the scenes: Read what Scripture says in Matthew 20:1-16. Beyond the surface: Maybe you’ve been up early enough to see it in the city where you live.  You drive by the […]

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Notebook with "Today I am Thankful" written on it

The dramatic and lasting effects of gratitude

Practicing gratitude boosts emotional and physical well being  A growing body of research is confirming that an ounce of gratitude is worth a pound of cure. “The practice of gratitude can have dramatic and lasting effects in a person’s life,” said Robert A. Emmons, professor of psychology at UC Davis and a leading scientific expert […]


Little Do Gooder’s Advent Calendar, part 3

An unhurried approach to the season for families. A family advent study from Caring, part three of four. Read part two here. Historically, advent is entirely about anticipation, excitement and readying oneself for the coming of Jesus. Yet, during what has become the busiest and increasingly commercialized season of holidays, it doesn’t seem to matter […]

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Mailbox and Wreath Covered in Snow

Feeling blue this Christmas? Here’s 3 tips to help

Behold! I bring you good news of great joy that will be for all the people! Could have fooled me. Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year! Unless you are me. Ever had such thoughts? Sometimes we can get a little cynical about Christmas. Our joy can be sapped away by the overwhelming […]


Human rights: Joseph: human trafficking survivor

A Scripture study from Caring, part two of four. Part 2: Joseph: human trafficking survivor Read part one here. Behind the scenes: Read what Scripture says in Genesis 37. Beyond the surface: Imagine Joseph’s life when he was young: rich, favored by his father with preferential treatment and obviously gifted with dreams foretelling the future. […]

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This family teaches philanthropy through bellringing

The Fie family legacy of service to The Salvation Army spans more than 60 years and is still going strong, with the family coming together every Christmas season in Denver to ring bells at the Army’s red kettles. In the Share Change video, “A Family of Volunteers,” family members, including patriarch Merrill Fie and his […]


Little Do Gooder’s Advent Calendar, part 2

An unhurried approach to the season for families. A family advent study from Caring, part two of four. Read part one here. Historically, advent is entirely about anticipation, excitement and readying oneself for the coming of Jesus. Yet, during what has become the busiest and increasingly commercialized season of holidays, it doesn’t seem to matter […]

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14 ways The Salvation Army uses the money you put in the kettle

When you give $1 to The Salvation Army, it helps to meet needs in the community in which you donate—a practice that started with the very first kettle in 1891. Then, Captain Joseph McFee needed funds to feed the hungry in San Francisco, so he stood by a crab pot to make the meal possible. […]


Human rights: The right to education

A Scripture study from Caring, part one of four. It’s the season of giving and good cheer, but for so many around the world, the need for basic human rights persists. This month, we’re exploring four biblical stories and what we can learn beyond the surface about these needs and what can be done, all […]

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Little Do Gooder’s Advent Calendar, part 1

An unhurried approach to the season for families. A family advent study from Caring, part one of four. Historically, advent is entirely about anticipation, excitement and readying oneself for the coming of Jesus. Yet, during what has become the busiest and increasingly commercialized season of holidays, it doesn’t seem to matter that Christmas itself begins […]

Man and Young Girl Volunteer Bellringers

How to volunteer as a Salvation Army bellringer 

When you drop a dollar (or more!) into a Salvation Army kettle, that money helps fund programs in your community—from the food pantry, emergency utility assistance, to after-school programs and so much more. That money helps The Salvation Army serve some 23 million Americans a year. So each of the 25,000 individuals who stand by […]


I’ve seen the Spirit move through art

Who knew social media could bring over 50 recovering addicts from The Salvation Army Adult Rehabilitation Center to a place of hope, through art? After admiring the work of Bay Area artist Brian Arriaga, we reached out. Through different pieces of his artwork, it was clear he is a believer with a testimony of transformation […]

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Mother Playing with Daughter

5 ways to strengthen your relationship with your kids

There’s a natural tendency for us as parents to fall into the routine of daily family life. The reality is that between school, work, cooking, cleaning, running errands, sports, extracurricular activities and more, we are so busy juggling our adult responsibilities and time with our families—many times to the point where it’s so exhausting that […]


This man’s life changed with a bowl of soup

People called him  “Boxcar” Davis because he would rob trains of their cargo. After years of prison, drug and alcohol addiction, one act of kindness propelled Will Davis from rock bottom to the road to recovery. Watch the Share Change video of Will’s story about a life of crime, addition and family. “To look and […]


New book features 100 faces of The Salvation Army 

As The Salvation Army Western Territory is set to celebrate the centennial of its official formation in 2020, find in this latest Frontier Press title—“We Are The Salvation Army”—a time capsule to highlight the essence of who makes up The Salvation Army right now with 100 portraits and short vignettes. These are the stories of […]

Homeless Woman by Tent on Street

This program prevents homelessness by paying the rent

While nearly 600,000 Americans experience homelessness, many others are one expense away from it. But what if this pipeline to homelessness was preventable? A new $12 million annual grant from the Los Angeles Homeless Services Authority (LAHSA) to The Salvation Army’s Community Integration Services (CIS) Shallow Subsidy program aims to help individuals and families avoid […]

Sunlight Shining Through Trees onto Road

Pulling through when life seems hopeless

At one time or another, we all hit a point where everything seems to be going wrong or falling apart and life seems hopeless. Maybe you’ve lost your job, your car broke down, your home was destroyed due to circumstances beyond your control, or Murphy’s Law is just hitting you at full force. We all […]

Picture of William Booth and daughter Evangeline

17 things you didn’t know about the Booth family

You probably have heard that William and Catherine Booth co-founded The Salvation Army, but here are 17 things you may not know about them and their children.   1. William Booth (born 1829) worked as a pawnbroker’s assistant for seven years before becoming a Methodist Minister at the age of 21. He hated the trade, […]

hand holding tomatoes on vine

5 things to know about hunger in America today  

We know hunger is an issue, and yet the details can be difficult to fully grasp. Here’s five things you need to know about hunger in America today: 1. In North America, 1 in 8 Americans don’t know where their next meal will come from, which means more than 41 million people are food insecure.   […]

Dr. Daniel Webster headshot addressing gun violence

22: How to address gun violence in the U.S. with Dr. Daniel Webster

It’s no secret that the role of guns in violence and what should be done about it are subjects of intense debate in the U.S.  And it’s an important one as some 100 people die by firearm every day in our country. It’s an issue Dr. Daniel Webster has studied throughout his career, including now […]

Salvation Army Volunteers with backs turned in volunteer shirts

21: Yes, The Salvation Army is more than kettles and thrift stores

 Did you know: The Salvation Army is more than red kettles and thrift stores? Yet, if there’s one thing we hear time and time again it’s this: “I thought The Salvation Army was just kettles and thrift stores!” Which is generally followed by: “I wish more people knew about all The Salvation Army does.” […]

black and white photo of woman looking outside window

10 ways you can fight human trafficking

When I first began to learn about human trafficking while I was in college—more than 10 years ago now—I was convicted of two things. First, I knew that this industry that exploits men, women and children needed to be stopped. The fastest growing crime in the world needed to be brought down. Second, I was […]

woman doing yoga near the beach

5 ways to take care of your mental health

We tend to get so caught up in the million little things we have going on in our lives, that we forget to prioritize something sacred—our mental health. By the time we realize something is off, we’re overwhelmed and struggling to find out what went wrong. To top things off, the societal stigma of mental […]

soccer coach talking to youth team

How getting healthy is good for kids’ brains

As a youth football coach, I often hear from parents that they sign their kids up for sports to keep them fit or keep them out of trouble. Recent studies have shown that participation in sports benefits youth on a deeper level, as well.  Researchers from Washington University in St. Louis have linked participation in […]

Do Gooders Podcast 19 Sabrina Kiser

19: How The Salvation Army engages the federal government with Sabrina Kiser

The Salvation Army is actively involved in fighting hunger, homelessness and more across the country. In fact, the organization serves some 23 million people a year in the U.S. But you may not know that The Salvation Army is also engaged in nonprofit advocacy with the federal government. Sabrina Kiser serves as Assistant Director of […]

Brew Crew Backpack Closeup

‘Brew Crews’ bring coffee and love

The Salvation Army has a street outreach centered around coffee: the “Brew Crew.”   These teams of those in addictions recovery programs through the Adult Rehabilitation Centers (ARC) venture out with backpack coffee dispensers, known as “Rocketman Backpacks,” to share Jesus and a cup of coffee, with the outreach aimed primarily toward those experiencing homelessness. “We […]

Waves crashing at the bottom of the Golden Gate Bridge

5 ways to care about homelessness in San Francisco

In January 2019, more than 8,000 people were experiencing homelessness in San Francisco, 17 percent more than two years prior, according to the 2019 San Francisco Homeless Count and Survey. The phenomenon is not isolated. In fact, homelessness has grown for the second year in a row throughout the United States; it’s even being called […]

Open Bible on Table in Front of Stone Wall

10 Bible verses to bring comfort in times of disaster

Times of disaster bring uncertainty and fear. They can test us and stretch us beyond our own limits of possibility. And yet, these times—personal or collective—can also reveal a resiliency and strength unknown. When you are facing a new kind of trying time, keep these promises from Scripture close by for encouragement, reassurance and hope […]

Do Gooders Podcast 17 Lt. James Fleming

17: How The Salvation Army keeps kids full for the weekend with Lt. James Fleming

You’ve probably heard of  The Salvation Army’s Thanksgiving dinners, food pantries or the provision of meals during a natural disaster. But you might not know that TSA in communities across the country fills backpacks or other bags with food to send home from school with kids for the weekend. That’s to make sure kids who […]

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How does The Salvation Army use your money after a disaster?

We’ve entered a new era of catastrophes.  Over the last two years, the U.S. has experienced 30 natural disasters that have each caused at least $1 billion worth of damage. In many cases, the total was far more significant: the 2017 trifecta of hurricanes Harvey, Maria and Irma combined for $265 billion in losses. When […]

Veteran with army boots next to him in civilian clothes

The Salvation Army is helping veterans find purpose at work

Many veterans know finding “the job” is just the beginning. Discovering one’s path—or purpose—is a process that can take years, and sometimes, a lifetime, especially after having been successful in combat, and returning home without a clear way forward.   That’s where Charles Smith and the staff at The Salvation Army’s The Haven come in. The […]


15: What it’s like to work at a Salvation Army summer camp

Did you know: The Salvation Army is a big supporter of fun with 44 summer or day camps in the United States devoted to children? Last year, more than 260,000 kids attended camp with The Salvation Army. The Salvation Army’s Summer Residential Camping Program at Camp Redwood Glen near Santa Cruz, California, encourages at-risk and […]

Do Gooders Podcast 12 Rachel Thieme-Ramirez

14: How the Salvation Army sponsors education around the world with Rachel Thieme-Ramirez

Building well being in a person is like building a strong house—it requires certain materials, resources and opportunities.  When these materials are not available, we may have a hard time surviving the storms.  For so many kids around the world, The Salvation Army is a key part of their building materials.  Did you know The […]


5 TED Talks on making an impact on the world

Have you thought about the impact you’ll have on this world after you leave it? Perhaps you’ve thought about the planet and what your children will grow up experiencing, or maybe you’ve wondered what people will remember you by. It’s safe to say that the world will continue to carry on without us long after […]

Do Gooders Podcast 13 Phil Lum

13: Life inside a Salvation Army Kroc Center with Major Phil Lum

A network of Ray and Joan Kroc Corps Community Centers across the U.S. have a common goal: to help people discover and develop their passions in their own neighborhood.  The 26 centers were created thanks in large part to Joan Kroc, wife of McDonald’s founder Ray Kroc, who entrusted The Salvation Army with $1.5 billion […]

Do Gooders Podcast 12 Monica Curca

12: What is Peace and How Do We Build It with Monica Curca

What is peace—and how do we build it?  How can we create a shared future where everybody belongs.  In this episode, Monica Curca talks about peace and why it involves all of us…Why we’re all responsible to solve violence. And why power is found in relationship.  Monica founded Activate Labs, a nonprofit organization that builds […]

Tyson's Addiction Story, Adult Rehabilitation Center

How I broke out of my family’s cycle of addiction

The following is a transcript of Tyson’s story. Watch him tell it in this video.   My dad was a drug dealer and a drug addict, and my mom was also a drug addict. As a kid, I’d have friends coming to my house, and my dad was showing them love because they’re making him […]

Child Dumping Trash on Beach

We need to care more about the environment

“We know that the whole creation has been groaning together with labor pains until now” (Rom. 8:22 CSB). In some parts of the world, young people will sit around a campfire at night and sing. They are often meaningless, but fun songs. One of those songs has lyrics that go like this: “Don’t throw your […]

Mother and Daughter Together

How The Salvation Army is helping families

Stepping in to fill the need, whatever the need might be.  At nine months pregnant and with her due date around the corner, Jessica Moulton and her baby’s father were homeless and living in her car. But one week before her son was born, they found refuge at The Salvation Army Booth Family Center—a temporary […]

EDS, El Paso and Dayton Shootings

How you can help after the shootings in El Paso and Dayton

Multiple mass shootings claimed 31 lives across the U.S. the weekend of August 3-4. The shootings, first at a Walmart in El Paso, Texas and about 13 hours later in a popular district for nightlife in Dayton, Ohio, joined a growing list of mass shootings in the U.S. According to The New York Times, which […]

Do Gooders Podcast 12 Paul Fields

11: How Salvation Army Culinary Students Train for the Workforce with Chef Paul Fields

What’s 18 square miles with a riverfront promenade and legendary food scene?   You guessed it—Napa.  This central California town is considered a world-class destination with plenty of culinary star power.   And Chef Paul Fields is at the heart of it all, having worked for the Pebble Beach Company, Silverado Country Club and several local Napa […]

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Man in Salvation Army Uniform with Crowd

30 things you didn’t know about The Salvation Army

When many people hear of The Salvation Army, they think only of thrift stores and red kettles. Yet the Army is so much more. The Salvation Army is a faith-based organization that began in London in 1865. The founder, a Methodist minister named William Booth, walked the streets preaching to the homeless, the hungry and […]

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10: How Sports Can Change Lives with Jose Moreno

It’s no secret that sports teach character. Both wellness and life lessons come with being part of a team. Jose Moreno gets to take those benefits to the next level. As the Vice President of Marketing and Community Relations for the Fiesta Bowl, Jose leads charitable giving and philanthropic efforts across Arizona. Through events like […]

Family Holding Hands Walking Through Field

How to juggle work and spending quality time with your kids 

I went back to work when my daughter was just six weeks old. And although I loved my job, when I dropped her off at her babysitter’s house for the first time, my heart broke a little bit. I worried about the moments I would miss—like her first words or steps—and was sad I wouldn’t […]


Salvation Army Sunbeams program connects, empowers girls

Carla Brandt believes the fellowship and skills learned in The Salvation Army’s troop program have the power to change the lives of young girls in communities throughout the country. Brandt, a troop leader in Montana, has seen firsthand how young girls gain confidence, empathy and empowerment through the life skills they learn in their Sunbeams […]


09: What Addiction Takes Away and Where Healing Begins with Ed Hector

Did you know: One in seven Americans will be affected by addiction? And the disease is even more prevalent in members of the armed forces, particularly with tobacco, alcohol and prescription drug abuse. Unsurprisingly, the problems created by addiction are many. As veteran Edwyn Hector says, addiction takes you from you. For 18 years, Ed […]

Young Girl Jumping Off Dock into Lake

Notes from camp: Where children find a new perspective of who they are

Last year, more than 260,000 kids attended a summer or day camp with The Salvation Army, primarily at one of its 44 camps across the U.S. This is just one account of a life impacted at summer camp.   Camp is about giving kids hope—a new perspective about who they are and what they can do […]

White Drone Flying Over Field

How drones are changing the disaster relief industry

Disasters now displace three to ten times more people than conflict and war, but what if we had a better system to provide early warnings and deliver aid? Some people hear “drone,” and they think aerial surveillance a la “Big Brother” or “drone strikes” in areas mired in conflict. But drones, or unmanned aerial vehicles […]

Apple on Books Next to Pencils and Alphabet Blocks

5 ideas for doing good this back to school season 

While it may seem that school just ended for the summer, the reality of the back-to-school season is upon us, bringing with it a mixture of excitement and stress—and disappointment for kiddos not ready to head back to the classroom yet.  Many of us get caught up in all the preparations for the year ahead—purchasing […]

Young Girl Watering Plants

6 ways to keep your kids enriched during the summer

Summer is in full swing—school is out and the kids are enjoying their break from the classroom with activity-filled days soaking in the sun. They’re having fun playing outside, swimming in the pool until their skin wrinkles, spending time with friends and becoming avid campers.  And while they’ve definitely earned this stress-free fun away from […]

Marshmallow Roasted Over Flame

Notes from camp: Where children are free to love and live

Last year, more than 260,000 kids attended a summer or day camp with The Salvation Army, primarily at one of its 44 camps across the U.S. This is just one account of a life impacted at summer camp.   From the moment Andy stepped off the bus at camp, we knew he would be one to […]

Brian Qualls Headshot Profile

Once-bullied camp employee helps others deal with adversity

My expectation of myself was that nobody would ever care about me, that nobody would ever like me, that nobody would ever love me. I kind of associated my name “Brian” with “loser.” I was bullied a lot. I had a lot of issues where I was thinking that I would rather just not live […]

Do Gooders Podcast 12 Commissioner Kenneth G. Hodder

06: How The Salvation Army will double its impact on homelessness with Commissioner Kenneth G. Hodder

 When Commissioner Kenneth G. Hodder returned to the U.S. after 11 years living abroad, he said he was taken aback by the number of people he saw living on the streets—in tents, below freeway underpasses, and at the base of our cities’ skyscrapers. He returned to the West coast to lead The Salvation Army […]

Counselor Joshua Hamilton Playing with Three Kids at Camp

How summer camp changed my life

For whatever reason, someone allowed me to attend summer camp as a 6 year old. It was the first time I was away from home without my parents. It was the first time I spent the majority of my week outside. It was the first time I made friends outside of school and outside my […]

Robert Wallace Sitting on Porch with Custom Built Bike

How one man is fixing bikes and changing lives

Robert Wallace’s childhood was much like a pinball, bouncing around a machine he couldn’t seem to escape. After his biological father was sent to prison and his mother lost custody of him shortly thereafter, he was left to fend for himself in a broken foster care system. His grandmother came to Idaho from Washington to […]

Thomas Ferraro in VISTA Uniform

Retired reporter goes back to work as a Volunteer in Service to America

VISTA, the half-century-old national service program dubbed “The Domestic Peace Corps,” fights poverty in America.                                                                                  […]

Closeup of Pig at Homelani Homestead

Raising produce and pigs at The Salvation Army’s Hawaiian camp

Which came first: the chicken or the pigs? Or was it the goats? No matter the order, all are a part of Homelani Homestead, a homesteading project of The Salvation Army Hawaiian and Pacific Islands divisional camp, Camp Homelani. The food produced at the homestead supplies the camp kitchen and is also offered to locals, […]

Man Looking Distressed with Laptop on Chest

4 steps to addressing a pornography addiction

The Salvation Army is known for its innovative rehabilitation and addictions recovery programs, showing that it’s not afraid to take the hard steps to help a person find freedom from their addiction. The programs are effective because they have trained personnel, qualified medical staff and compassionate chaplains who can walk with a person in his […]

Closeup of Elderly Woman Smiling

5 problems facing seniors this World Elder Abuse Awareness Day

Older Adults are the world’s fastest growing population. By 2030, there will be twice as many Americans over the age of 65 as there were in 2000. But are there twice as many services to keep up with the pace? Are there twice as many skilled nursing facilities, geriatricians, retirement communities or Silvercrest residences? Far […]

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Still from "Heart of This Place" Movie

‘Heart Of This Place’ producers hope short film will spark conversation

Scene: a young man is lying alone on a muddy path, barely alive. “Oh my boy,” the father says. “I don’t know where you are. Please come home. Please.” That’s how the new “Heart Of This Place” short film begins as it explores a modern day retelling of the parable of the Prodigal Son as […]

Do Gooders Podcast 3 Chris Christian

03: What it’s really like to be homeless with Chris Christian

 On any given night in America, more than 550,000 people are homeless. To put that in perspective—that’s more than 8 times the capacity of Gillette Stadium, home of the SuperBowl Champion New England Patriots. It’s more than the number of people who live in all of Sacramento, California, or Tucson, Arizona.   That number […]

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Salvation Army Soldiers Holding Donuts

How The Salvation Army introduced America to the donut

Food historian John T. Edge credits The Salvation Army with introducing American taste buds to the donut in his book, “Donuts: An American Passion.” During WWI, Edge says that Ensign Margaret Sheldon and Adjutant Helen Purviance were sent to the front lines to give American soldiers a taste of home. Called “Donut Lassies,” they didn’t […]

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Vegetables Sitting on Table

Can we solve hunger in our lifetime? Most Americans say yes.

It may be a matter of political will. There’s a lot of work to be done to eradicate hunger once and for all, but that’s not deterring an overwhelming majority of Americans. According to a 2018 survey by grassroots hunger defense organization WhyHunger, 89 percent of Americans think hunger is a solvable problem—and yet, they’re […]

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Tai Chi Class Participants Practicing

Tai Chi program helps older adults prevent falls at Salvation Army Suisun City Kroc Center

12-week course teaches practical exercises, like shifting weight from one foot to the other. Baruch Gould, 75, was at his home in his kitchen and needed to reach something high up on shelf. He climbed on a footstool, but as he reached for the item one foot began to slip. On the verge of falling, […]

Children Playing in Pool at Coeur d'Alene Kroc Center

Salvation Army Kroc Centers provide safe spaces for youth during the summer

The facilities provide ample opportunity for fun, movement and arts education. With school winding down for the summer, parents find themselves scrambling to find a safe space for their kids to continue learning and having fun during the break. Many turn to the 26 Salvation Army Ray and Joan Kroc Corps Community Centers across the […]


How to get involved in advocating for mental health

When you feel physical pain, it’s evident to those around you—and one of their first thoughts is probably something like, “You should go see a doctor to get that checked out.” It’s the obvious solution to a finding a cure: seek out professional help. Yet, somehow when we see someone in emotional pain, that’s often […]


What is National Salvation Army Week?

Perhaps the most often-asked question I got when I worked at National Headquarters was “When is National Salvation Army Week?” And it always made me laugh. Knowingly. Because, let’s be real. While it is the only week The Salvation Army has that was declared by a president—President Dwight D. Eisenhower in 1954, a mere 74 […]

homeless man sleeping outside

Communities in the West look for solutions to the homelessness crisis

The number of people living on our streets continues to rise to emergency levels along the coast. As economies rebound and housing markets soar, so does the population of those who find themselves without a home. Despite the state of the economy, levels of homelessness continue to rise in many communities, none more prominently than […]

Officer and woman smiling with each other

How to heal homelessness through community

‘Unprecedented’ effect of temporary shelter keeps doors open When you arrive at The Salvation Army-run homeless shelter in Antelope Valley, California, the presence of the past is undeniable. The Army operates the Los Angeles County shelter out of an abandoned mental hospital—whose address includes the law code involved in temporarily committing individuals, 5150—and much of […]

Damage caused by Paradise Fire

What it’s like to survive unexpected homelessness

California fire survivors begin to rebuild. Amber McErquiaga woke up in her home in Paradise, California, on Nov. 8, 2018, to get ready to take her children to school and go to work at the local Salvation Army Family Store, just like any other day. But that day, she noticed something was off as she […]

Inside view of bus

Bus tickets back home as a strategy to address homelessness

Bus tickets back home to loved ones are part of a growing strategy to address homelessness. In sunny El Cajon, California, just east of San Diego, Marissa was living on the streets. And so was her mother. They were both homeless and actively using drugs. For awhile, anyway. After several months, Marissa’s mom went to […]

Commissioner Kenneth G. Hodder Giving Speech

Why we must do more to end homelessness

Friends, we must do more. On any given night in America, 553,000 people are homeless. They are men, women and children. They are single and married. They are from every ethnic group, they come from a wide variety of economic and social backgrounds, and every one of their stories is unique. In short, they are […]

Priscilla Hunt cutting ribbon

A permanent place to call home for homeless in LA

If ‘home is where the heart is,’ then it’s fair to say the residents of the new Donald and Priscilla Hunt Apartments at Bell Oasis in Bell, California, are surrounded by more love than ever. The Donald and Priscilla Hunt Apartments at Bell Oasis—which officially opened in September 2018— is a forward-looking rapid re-housing project […]

Man picking fruit from trees

The truth about human trafficking: 10 things you didn’t know

It’s safe to say most people have heard of human trafficking. Perhaps you’ve learned about it through social media, at church or even reading through this very magazine. And while it’s an exciting time in the anti-trafficking movement due to the increased awareness, we worry about the message that’s coming across. As four anti-trafficking practitioners […]


How William Booth’s ideas on poverty continue to shape The Salvation Army today

If you’ve ever taken a trip on the London Underground, you cannot have missed the myriad signs pointing travelers in the direction of the “way out.” In operation since 1863, this network of trains ferrying passengers through the subterranean circuits would have been a well-established fixture of city life by the time William Booth’s most […]

Man in sweatshirt sleeping on cardboard on the street

The diagnosis is poverty

A growing model contends that poverty isn’t something to simply “rise above” any more than exposure to lead or asbestos. $1.6 trillion. It’s a figure so large, it’s hard to wrap your head around. It’s also the amount of money the U.S. spends each year on programs to help the poor. While a basic eye […]

American Flag waving in front of columns

Advocating for good

Nonprofit advocacy forms a vital link between community needs and Capitol Hill. “If you are not at the table, you are on the menu—especially in Washington, D.C.,” said Sabrina Kiser, The Salvation Army’s Assistant Director of Social Services and Public Policy Coordinator at National Headquarters. A Salvation Army employee since 2010, Kiser was there when […]

closeup of multiple American flags

5 ways to honor veterans this Veterans Day

Veterans are known for their exemplary bravery, patriotism and dedication to our country. But I never truly understood the extent of the sacrifices they made for the freedom of our nation until my husband enlisted in the Army. It was then I truly started realizing the selflessness, courage and resilience it takes for the men […]

Band playing at red kettle

12 Things you might not know about The Salvation Army

1. The Salvation Army was founded in London, England, in 1865 by former Methodist minister William Booth. Booth abandoned the conventional concept of a church and a pulpit, instead taking his message of spiritual salvation directly to the people – in particular, the homeless, the hungry, and the destitute of Victorian-era London. 2. The Salvation […]

toddler in purple dress playing

3 Important lessons learned from raising a toddler

Just like that, my daughter, Emma, reached the prime of her toddlerhood and turned two years old — she’s determined to try everything and see what she is capable of accomplishing. Toddlerhood is a fun time when you really get to see your child’s personality flourish, as they explore everything the world has to offer. […]

young boy and girl on scooters

5 ways to show children how to help others

There’s something about a simple act of kindness that has the power to make someone’s day or even impact lives for the better. It’s important to show our kids the power of doing nice things for others, and they are never too young to start doing so. Here are some ideas on things you can […]

People hang out together at coffee shop

Creating an inclusive workspace

How to move beyond ‘friendly’ to include all employees Imagine coming to work with your colleagues every day, excited to impact the community you serve. You have made genuine connections and you feel proud about the work you’re getting done. You’re able to bring your personality and experience into meaningful connections with those around you. […]

person standing alone with shadows covering them

Unmasking depression

I no longer feel the need to hide my emotions, my fears or my mental health status as if I were hiding something shameful or secretive. From an early age, I faced challenges with head-strong determination, or as my mother said, I was “hard headed.” I’ve always been optimistic, hard to get down, a go-getter—someone […]

Salvation Army soldier helping child doing homework

Life changing mentorship

Across the West, The Salvation Army shapes young lives through mentorship programs. Mentors can change a child’s life for the better, guiding through major decisions and supporting goals and ambitions to navigate through life. This is especially true for at-risk youth, struggling with the adversities of their surroundings. The benefits of mentorship for youth include […]

Men in line in front of Salvation Army boxes

Salvation Army partnership brings services to Bay Area’s homeless

Partnership brings services to Bay Area’s homeless. During an outreach event at a Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) station, Lt. Colonel Cindy Foley saw something deeply troubling, yet far from atypical: A young man had fallen asleep on the station’s steps, out in the open. And stuck in his arm, was a needle. “None of […]

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woman reading book

5 things children’s books taught us

Our very first classroom was the nursery. Our first teachers were the voices who read the lines from someone’s imagination, the ones wild with hue. Children’s books have a peculiarly ingenious way of simplifying and beautifying the art of learning by taking a complex standard and turning it into a bedtime story. More than just […]

children sitting at desks in school

5 ways to get your kids excited for school

It seems like the kids just started their summer break, and already the start of the school year is around the corner. After the fun adventures they had, some children may find it difficult to get excited for school. The key to spark some enthusiasm for the school months ahead, is to find ways to […]

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Why one Salvation Army officer is dedicated to refugees and asylum seekers

Is God moving The Salvation Army into a new mission field? That’s the big question Lt. Ben Cotterill often finds himself asking. He and his wife, Rebecka, have been confronted with the challenges—but also the triumphs—that come with serving an ever-evolving population of both longtime citizens and asylum seekers since inheriting the Keighley Corps in […]

girl on bed with stuffed animals

5 ways to help your kids cope with moving

Moving is a change in life that is bound to happen at one point or another. Some people approach it with enthusiasm and excitement, while for others it can be a time of stress and anxiety at the thought of starting fresh somewhere new. For kids, it can definitely be a challenging time, as they […]

young girl looking at iPad

Why cultural representation in children’s movies is important

When I first watched the children’s movie “Coco” with my daughter, I got emotional, not just because of the beautiful story it tells about family, but also because my little girl’s Mexican culture was finally represented in mainstream cinema. There is so much children can learn from being exposed to other cultures, especially at an […]

two people making campfire

How challenging yourself can be beneficial in parenting

It’s easy to get caught up in a daily routine with your kids, and forget to make time for yourself. You get focused on the goals you have for your kids, but, as a parent, it’s important to set time aside for your own goals, too. Challenging yourself allows for time for self-care and reflection, […]

child feeding small animals outside

4 ways to volunteer with your kids

The benefits of volunteering are endless at any age. But for children, giving back to the community can set the framework for a lifetime development of quality skills, meaningful life lessons, and a greater understanding of the world that gives them the determination to make a difference. By volunteering, kids can learn valuable life skills […]

woman laying with eyes closed next to leaves

Can we train for compassion?

Researchers wanted to determine two things: After the training, would participants’ behavior become more altruistic? Would their brains respond differently to suffering? New research says yes, through meditation. When you hear the word “training,” you probably think of how your body can achieve various tasks, like learning an instrument or exercise, through repetitive practice. While […]

red cup and honey dipper

Why food is one of the best ways to teach kids about culture

Cooking our way to understanding Food functions as a universal language, illustrating the history and culture of the place it represents while opening minds, raising awareness and encouraging diversity. And in teaching kids about other countries, many turn to food, leading young minds on a path of empathy and tolerance. Tarik Abdullah, a Seattle-based chef […]

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Providing counsel, preventing secondary trauma  

It’s important to deal with grief and pain—even when they’re not your own. They sat in the hospital waiting room for days, surrounded by those whose loved ones were on the brink of life and death. Lt. Colonel Sheryl Tollerud wasn’t at the Route 91 Harvest music festival on Oct. 1, 2017, when a lone […]

hand holding phone

A text for help

Crisis Text Line engages with texters in moments of crisis and compiles data on the anonymous raw language texters use to teach us when crises are likely to happen and help to prepare for them. Founded in 2013 by Nancy Lublin, CEO of, Crisis Text Line is a free, 24/7 text-in support service. Since […]

woman next to red kettle

Why do we still put out the kettles?   

Face-to-face ministry is what we do and who we are With the rise in digital technology—and the amount of time we spend using it—the Army should take a serious look at why we still put out red kettles during the Thanksgiving and Christmas season. People are more and more comfortable giving at our websites, so […]

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different colored pills

Taking a crack at the opioid crisis

The Salvation Army and HealthSource chiropractic franchise partner to raise awareness of natural alternatives to opioids. As the number of drug-related deaths in the U.S. continue to rise at record pace, many nonprofits and businesses are finding creative solutions to reduce the scope of the nation’s opioid crisis. The Salvation Army, the country’s leading provider […]

Police Officer saluting from behind

Promoting faith and justice

The Salvation Army in Phoenix partners with law enforcement to make their community safer through understanding and prayer.   The Salvation Army and law enforcement are working diligently to help make their community in Phoenix, Arizona, safer, not by the use of force and fear but by the power of understanding and prayer. Through the […]

young girl reading on couch

3 important ways we can empower our daughters

When I held my daughter for the first time after she was born, I knew that it was my responsibility to raise her to be strong and fearless. She may be only 18 months old now, but she is already so independent. And as her mother, I owe it to her to always empower and […]

how to be fearless in times of change while parenting

Being fearless in times of change with your kids

“Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God” (Phil. 4:6). This is the verse that keeps me going in times of change. Change can be hard for adults, but it can be even harder on kids. This is why it is important […]

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Living in the moment with your children

As parents, we want to capture every moment shared with our children through photos and videos. Smartphones make it possible with the touch of a button. While this is a completely reasonable thing to want to do, it’s also easy to get caught up behind the lens. It’s important to put down the electronics once […]

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EDS worker from behind

The lessons disaster brings  

Two of the biggest natural disasters ever struck back-to-back—delivering a host of obstacles and shedding some light on why The Salvation Army does what it does. The longest major “hurricane drought” in U.S. history came to a sudden and devastating end late in August. As costly and unprecedented as consecutive hurricanes Harvey and Irma were, […]


A map to restoring one’s identity

The focus is on two pillars: Love to inform our identity and trustworthiness to form our sense of safety, which together provide our language of existence. “I cannot make sense of anything in my life,” he said. “All of my life, I feel that I have been looking for something I cannot find—something or someplace […]

adult and children hands

Keeping child care costs in check

As affordable child care becomes more and more a commodity, low-cost providers such as The Salvation Army step in to fill need, and give parents peace of mind. “Eight-hundred dollars a month in child care?” He slumped back in his chair, stared off into space and slowly shook his head. For the past year, Sylvain […]

Volunteer workers

Can volunteering ward off depression?

Studies show maintaining social connection is key when trying to help alleviate symptoms. When Tessa’s mom died suddenly of a heart attack, she not only lost a companion, whom she spoke with every day, she became the primary caregiver for her dad with dementia. “I went through a really, really tough time,” she said. “I […]

Outside view of brothel during day

Green Light Project gets women out of Red Light District

“It reeks. It’s dark. It has a funky feel about it. It’s filthy. A lot of girls who work the morning shift, they don’t see daylight.” –Kali Long On a Thursday afternoon at The Salvation Army in Athens, Captain Rachele “Ray” Lamont is engaged in complex negotiations with two young women who have been quietly […]

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two young children writing

3 people to teach your children about perseverance

If you’re a parent, chances are you’ve taught your little ones about the forgiveness of Jesus Christ, the kindness of Mother Teresa, and the conviction of Martin Luther King Jr., and rightfully so. But with an increasing focus on non-cognitive skill development, even in the classroom, it begs the question—how do we also raise resilient […]


Salvation Army shelter resident finds healing in nature

What once was hard for Dillion Toscano, now comes with ease. After finding peace in the riches of the soil and sunshine at the GrowGood urban farm in Bell, California, the psychology student, volunteer, and recovering addict found that changed behavior for good is a matter of starting from the inside out. A mandatory, court-ordered […]

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Black and white photo of children of different ages in Kenya

Our precious children

“Whoever receives a little child because of Me receives Me” (Matt. 18:5 NLV). The Salvation Army is known in this territory for its operation and sponsorship of more than 800 schools. This includes kindergartens, primary schools, and secondary schools, as well as a range of special institutions for those who are disabled, deaf, blind or […]

Female friends hugging

Naming, navigating, and reframing depression in the lives of teenagers

“Sometimes I feel like we are just running a hotel and restaurant around here!” I still remember my dad making that exasperated statement when I was 17 years old. I was moody and irritable, and made little effort to engage my dad or stepmom in any meaningful way. Twenty-four years later, I continue to think […]

Fractured American Flag graphic

Deciphering the divide

Race remains an issue in America. Black and white Americans are still deeply divided when it comes to views of racism, racial inequality and prospects for change, according to a 2016 Pew Research Center survey. Blacks, far more than whites, say black people are treated unfairly across different realms of life, from dealing with the […]

Duffel bag on ground next to chair

How to prep your disaster supplies

You’ve set a communication plan for your family, so the next step is to put together a household disaster supplies kit to have on hand in case of emergency. This kit should be ready to go in case you need to grab it while evacuating. Or, it could help you shelter in place until basic […]

EDS volunteer serving meals

How The Salvation Army responds to disasters

While each disaster creates its own unique circumstances and special needs, Salvation Army disaster relief efforts focus on seven core services. These services may be modified based on the magnitude of the disaster and adapted to meet the specific needs of individual survivors. Training The first step in being ready to respond to an emergency […]


5 inspiring social justice documentaries on Netflix

Netflix has really been upping their content lately. If you need a break from that summer sun but don’t want to check out in front of the TV, check out these documentaries that have been added to their online stream. Each one tackles a different social issue but they’ll all leave you feeling inspired to […]

Lydia sitting at kitchen table

Surviving servitude

When Lydia pressed for her money, her employers simply got more creative with their accounting. At one point, the family gave her a cell phone, but charged her $180 a week to cover calls to Mexico she says she never made. The Salvation Army combats labor trafficking and helps survivors reclaim their lives. With a […]


The Spiritual Roots of Addiction Treatment

Steadying himself at the chapel podium, Jimmy nervously began his testimony. “I was caught in the grip of alcohol,” he said. “It was a compulsion—there was nothing I could do. I was so empty inside. In incredible misery, I really thought I was dying. “I grew up in the church, and I had been attending […]