iCAN: Fight Hunger!

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The advanced Public Relations class at Fresno State University in Central California took on a client and a cause for a classroom project.

The client: The Salvation Army. The cause: hunger.

And for good reason. Fresno was just recently named the “hunger capital of the nation” in a report by The Food Research and Action Center.

The students’ response was to plan and launch a campaign called iCAN: Fight Hunger, which kicked off on April 4 and concludes on the 17th.

Here’s what they say about the campaign on their website: “We’ve developed the iCAN: Fight Hunger campaign to raise as much food, money and mission awareness for The Salvation Army as possible among the Fresno State community. Our theme? “iCAN, youCAN, weCAN fight hunger!”

The PR students were divided into teams to handle specific duties: campus competition and speaking engagements, media and publicity, events and logistics, and visual art and social media.

They have a “Text to Donate” component (text the word ICAN to 80888 and immediately donate $5), fundraising competitions between dorms and academic departments, booths at campus events, cut-outs of cans and shields to represent $1 and $5 donations, in-class presentations and plenty of traditional PR and advertising materials too.

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