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by Patricia Swyers, Commissioner –

The Lord says, ‘I will guide you along the best pathway for your life. I will advise you and watch over you” (Psalm 21:8,9 NLT).

I’m used to the way the “Army Wheels” turn. Every three to five years there comes a call that your work is appreciated and after much prayer, it has been decided to give you a new appointment—but this time, the new appointment for us is RETIREMENT.

Many emotions come with the knowledge that this next “appointment” is to a place that we have chosen, and there is a true sense of excitement. There also comes the thought that for more than two-thirds of my life I have been absorbed in this great privilege of serving full time in God’s Army. How will it be to “pick and choose” the activities and services in which we will want to participate. And what will it be like to look at blank pages on our calendar which have been so full of opportunities to serve? I have jokingly said to my family that for the first few weeks, I will probably pack and unpack my suitcases until I realize that it’s no longer necessary. The hours spent in the airport or on planes, looking forward to our next event, will be few and far between!!

The things I will miss the most are the people that we have met along the way and the excitement of enrolling new soldiers, or planning and participating in the inspiring meetings across the territory. And I will miss the officers, soldiers, and friends who have supported us and encouraged us in our journey. I will miss the Advisory Board and Auxiliary members who are such an important part of our ministry. These are people who have blessed us in many ways and we are grateful for their friendship that has been given to us, along with their generosity of knowledge, time and financial aid for the mission.

We have been blessed with family support and love, with employees and friends and lots and lots of laughter as we have worked hard to accomplish the purpose that we believe God called us to do. We have been amazed at the acceptance and expressions of love that each appointment has brought to us, and we have loved the times that we have shared with the retired officers in each appointment. We have been privileged to serve and support missions in other countries and have a great appreciation for the friends we have made.

The great news is that I have had a wonderful partner with me on this “best pathway” and together we will continue to trust God for our future. WOW! “Wonderful Opportunities Waiting” is here and now. I’m going to make the most of my opportunities, and I trust you will do the same. God bless you, our friends, and our prayer is that you will keep on the pathway that God has chosen for you!

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