How to Help Others This Holiday Season

How to Help Others This Holiday Season

Every year, people around the world celebrate the holiday season. It is a time when we can celebrate our faith, give thanks and spend time with the people we love most. Most importantly, it is a time when we can all do so much good by giving back to our communities.

Whether you live in a city, a suburb or a rural area, there are people around you who are in need. Supporting your local community is a wonderful place to start, but there are countless ways to give back during this time of year.

What Does it Mean to Help Others During the Holidays?

The holidays mean something different to each of us, and the ways that we can help during the holidays can be equally as diverse. When the holiday season rolls around each year, we are all presented with the opportunity to do good for our community. This is the very spirit of helping others during the holidays.

Although the holidays are often considered a time for cheer, it is important to remember that the people around you may still have needs. Whether they require additional support while facing hardship or they are looking for community support to get by, the actions you take during this season can help.

You can offer support in many different ways to your fellow people during this time of the year through actions and giving. In fact, 50 percent of U.S. households give to fundraisers annually, and the majority of it happens during the holidays.

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Ways to Help Others During the Holiday Season

This simple list of ways to give back during the holidays can help you to change lives during the holiday season.

Look for Opportunities in Your Community

We are all a part of several different communities, ranging from our friends and families to our coworkers, local groups and online communities. Chances are that someone in your community could use extra support during the holidays—and this is a perfect opportunity to give back.

Keeping an eye out for opportunities to help your community is a great way to help others during the holiday season. Whether someone needs help with decorating or shopping—or they have more pressing needs, like needing assistance with bills—you can help by offering them support during this time.

Donate Money When You Can

Monetary donations can have a significant impact on the lives of others, especially during the holidays. All around the United States—and the world—people need help during these times. While the holidays are often something to look forward to, it is important to remember that they can be a very stressful time for some families.

When you donate money to those in need, you give them access to countless essential resources. Depending on how you donate, the funds may be used for targeted items or may just offer them a chance to buy essential items or pay bills. Every cent counts when it comes to holiday giving.

If you aren’t sure where to start, The Salvation Army’s Red Kettle is a great option!

It’s because of people like you The Salvation Army can serve more than 24 million Americans in need each year. Your gift helps fight for good all year in your community. It’s an effort to build well-being for all of us, so together we rise—and that good starts with you. Give to spread hope with a donation of funds, goods or time today.

Donate Items if You Have Them

Although money is always well-received around the holidays, donating items can have an equally powerful impact. The holiday season is a perfect time to give to those in need, and you can offer a wide range of donated items to best support the people around you and all around the world.

There are several items you can donate that can have a huge and positive impact during the holiday season. From donated meals and food items to donated clothing to keep others warm, there are plenty of opportunities here that can help you to support others.

Sponsor a Child or Family for Christmas

The Christmas holiday means something different to everyone. While some people look forward to it each year, others struggle with the knowledge that they cannot participate. Remember, not every family has the ability to fund Christmas every year. Some families struggle to provide their children with essentials, which can make it impossible to purchase presents or create a Christmas meal.

Sponsoring a child or family during this time can help with this. When you sponsor a child or family through programs like The Salvation Army Angel Tree or through local groups, you can bring the spirit of Christmas into a home and provide a family with much-needed essentials and relief.

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Help With Rent, Mortgage and Utilities

In many places around the United States, the holiday season aligns with winter. You may love making snow angels and sledding, but it is important to remember that winter can be a dangerous time of year. Many people struggle to keep their homes or to keep heat and hot water readily available.

Fortunately, you can help support those who may need assistance with their rent, mortgage or utility bills through The Salvation Army.

Be Aware of Your Good Fortune

Celebrating the holidays is a privilege for many families, although a lot of people think of it as a right. Being aware of the ways that you are blessed during the holidays can help you to really consider how to help others during this time. Focus on understanding the ways that you are fortunate, then ask yourself how you can bring that same fortune to others.

Lower Your Holiday Expectations

A simple and surprising way to help others during the holidays is to lower your expectations. Although gifts are fun and exciting, the truth is not everyone has extra money to spend on celebrating. More than 33 percent of Americans admitted to spending more than they could afford on Christmas presents when asked, and this is largely driven by social pressure. Lower your expectations during the holiday season and focus on the spirit of this holiday instead.

Spread Holiday Love and Cheer When You Can

All too often, we forget that the holidays are a time of understanding, closeness and love. Instead of focusing on gifts or parties, take time to really focus on the true cheerful spirit of the holidays. Ask yourself how you can share this cheer with others, and if it seems like someone is struggling, ask them how you can help.

There are plenty of good ways to spread cheer during the holidays!

Partner With The Salvation Army This Holiday Season

We all want to give back, but you may not be sure where to start. This holiday season, you can help spread cheer by partnering with The Salvation Army. Known for our global holiday efforts, this organization helps you to do the most good during the time when people need your support the most.

To learn more about ways to give, explore our resources at Caring Magazine, where we believe that being a nice human always has a place in your day.


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