Houston International Corps to move, expand

Photo by Juan Alanis

Photo by Juan Alanis


The new property boasts a spacious gym and official-sized soccer field.

The Houston International Corps, the fastest growing corps in the Southern Territory, will relocate to a new two-acre facility in March 2014.

Houston Area Command launched a capital campaign in 2009 to raise more than $8.4 million for the new facility, which will include a 450-seat worship center, a 250-seat fellowship hall, 10 classrooms, a sizable gym and an official-sized soccer field.

Corps programs will include classes in English for second-language learners, Tai-Chi, Hapkido, piano, computer,  guitar, children’s choir, a soccer team and a free food pantry.

“We will provide all existing programs to a variety of communities, and we will carefully organize more programs in order to meet community demands,” said Captain Stephen Na, corps officer. “Through those programs, we had chances to build relationships with people and eventually lead [them] to be part of the corps.”

According to Na, more than 200 people from 26 nationalities speaking 16 different languages attend the weekly worship services and 160 people attend Sunday School every Sunday. During weekdays, the facility is used by up to 300 people.

Houston International Corps became an official corps in October 2013, 11 years after its first service that took place in a rented office space. It expanded an additional 2,500-square-feet a year later, and moved to a 10,000-square-foot rental store front in 2007. The next location will be the largest yet.

Justin Orozco, a second-year cadet serving his Christmas assignment at the corps, quickly noticed the need for a larger facility.

“Upon arrival, I realized that the current building was really too small for the congregational size,” Orozco said. “The new building will truly stand as a witness that God can bless a small two-person congregation and turn it into a mega church. By providing more space I believe the Lord will do even greater things.”

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