Horwoods receive IHQ appointments

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The Chief of the Staff announced that Western officers Captains S.E. (Ted) and Deborah Horwood have been appointed to International Headquarters as international projects officer and project coordinator, respectively, effective 1 July 2006. These positions are in the Program Resources department and report to the International Secretary for Program Resources, Commissioner B. Donald Odegaard.

Currently the Horwoods serve at Western Territorial Headquarters, Captain Ted as secretary for world missions and Captain Debbie as director of discipleship and lay leadership. Prior to that the Horwoods held appointments in Malawi and opened the Army’s work in Guam.

Following the South East Asia tsunami (December 2004), Captain Ted was The Salvation Army’s international relief team leader.

Chief of the Staff Designate on Leyte landslide

Chief of the Staff Designate on Leyte landslide

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Life Service Conference


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