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Following the announcement of the nine candidates for the next General of The Salvation Army, High Council published profiles of each candidate. Below is a summary of each profile. Visit High Council’s website or stay tuned to New Frontier for more details and to continue following the proceedings.

Commissioner Linda Bond

Commissioner Linda Bond is the territorial commander and territorial president of women’s ministries of the Australia Eastern Territory. Born June 22, 1946, her home corps is in St. James, Winnipeg in Australia and the native Canadian was commissioned June 21, 1969. She has held appointments at International Headquarters, the United Kingdom Territory with the Republic of Ireland, the U.S.A. Western Territory and Canada and Bermuda Territory.

Commissioner Max Feener

Born July 5, 1945, Commissioner Max Feener’s home corps is in his native country of Canada, located in Point Leamington, Newfoundland. Commissioned July 11, 1966 Feener held appointments in the Southern Africa Territory and U.S.A. Southern Territory where he is the territorial commander. Feener is married to Lenora Tippett.

Commissioner William Francis

With his home corps located in Patterson, N.J., Territorial Commander of the Canada and Bermuda Territory Commissioner William Francis was born March 5, 1944. Since being commissioned June 9, 1973, he held several appointments in the U.S.A. Eastern Territory until January 2000, then served at International Headquarters until his current appointment. He also serves as a chair for the International Doctrine Council. He is married to Marilyn Burroughs.

Commissioner Dick Krommenhoek

Commissioner Dick Krommenhoek is the territorial commander of the Finland and Estonia Territory. Born June 18, 1952, Krommenhoek was commissioned May 27, 1983 at his home corps, the Amsterdam Congress Hall located in the Netherlands Territory. He held appointments in the Netherlands and Czech Territory, Denmark Territory, France Territory, International Headquarters and his current appointment, which he has held since October 2008. Krommenhoek is married to Vibeke Schou Larsen.

Commissioner M. Christine MacMillan

Commissioner M. Christine MacMillan held appointments in Canada and Bermuda Territory, United Kingdom Territory with the Republic of Ireland, Australia Eastern Territory and Papua New Guinea Territory since being commissioned June 21, 1975. Her home corps is in North York in Ontario, Canada and she was born Oct. 9, 1947. She is currently director of the International Social Justice Commission and chair of the International Moral and Social Issues Council.

Commissioner John Matear

Born April 26, 1947, Commissioner John Matear is the territorial commander of the United Kingdom Territory with the Republic of Ireland. Most of his appointments—as well as his home corps in Wiflet, Scotland—have been in this territory though he also served in the Caribbean Territory as territorial commander. Matear was commissioned May 26, 1978 and is married to Elizabeth Kowbus.

Commissioner William Roberts

Born Feb. 26, 1946, Commissioner William Roberts’ home corps is the Detroit Citadel. Commissioned June 13, 1971, Roberts held appointments in the U.S.A Central Territory, South America East, International Headquarters, West Kenya Territory and is currently at U.S.A. National Headquarters as the national commander. He is married to Nancy Overly.

Commissioner Robert Street

With his home corps located in Stotfold within the British Territory, Commissioner Robert Street was commissioned May 23, 1969. Since then, he has held appointments in the British Territory, Australia Eastern Territory, United Kingdom Territory with the Republic of Ireland and International Headquarters where he currently serves as international secretary of Europe. Street was born Feb. 24, 1974 and is married to Janet Adams.

Commissioner Barry Swanson

Commissioner Barry Swanson is the chief of staff at International Headquarters. He was commissioned at his home corps in Chicago June 11, 1978 and has held appointments in the U.S.A. Central Territory, U.S.A. National Headquarters and International Headquarters. Swanson was born April 22, 1950 and is married to Sue Miller.

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