Hendersons respond to challenges in Eastern Europe

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Western officers Captains Daniel and Anya Henderson serve as corps officers in Narva, Estonia.

During the Christmas season the Hendersons were able to assist a young woman who was in danger of being trafficked as an unwilling prostitute. She is a simple girl from the local children’s home. When she turned 18 several months ago she was put out on her own in a single room of a municipal housing project—the standard procedure for all residents when they become 18. With the help of the local police, the Hendersons were able to return her identity cards and documents, bankcard and keys that had been taken by the traffickers. They are continuing to help this woman in making a police report and getting her life together.

Meanwhile, the Narva Corps held a successful evangelistic concert for many poor families, giving out food parcels and small gifts. Ninety people packed the small hall on the third floor of the building for music, fun and the message of salvation.

On the day after Christmas, 26 attended the Baby Song party. Plans are underway to open a new women’s group for working women from these contacts.

Christmas is celebrated for two additional weeks in this part of the world, with the Orthodox Christmas and New Year’s observances. The corps distributed 300 gifts to pensioners and homebound people over this period.

“We experience many challenges that are beyond our abilities every week, sometimes every day,” said Henderson. The Hendersons and their family appreciate the prayers and support of their Western Territory friends.

Festivities continue in Kenya

Festivities continue in Kenya

Children at Salvation Army home are surprised by gifts

Front Lines – News briefs of the West

Front Lines – News briefs of the West

by Sue Schumann Warner –  Lt

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