Hedgrens to lead the East

Colonels Steve and Judy Hedgren, currently serving as chief secretary and territorial secretary for Women’s Ministries, will take on the rank of commissioner and become the territorial commander (Aug. 2) and territorial president of Women’s Ministries (Aug. 1), respectively.

The Hedgrens succeed Commissioners Lawrence and Nancy Moretz, who are retiring from active service.

In an interview with Good News!, Colonel Steve Hedgren, who has also served with his wife in the U.S. Central and Southern territories, said that after two years in the East, they feel right at home.

“We love where we are, we love what we do, and we love the people we work with,” he said. “So if we had to be anywhere in the world, this is where we would want to be.”

Hedgren said they received the phone call from the Chief of the Staff in London, just two days before the official announcement was released.

Lt. Colonels William and Marcella Carlson, currently serving as leaders of the Eastern Pennsylvania and Delaware Division, are appointed respectively as chief secretary and territorial secretary for Women’s Ministries. They will take up their new appointments with the rank of colonel, effective Aug. 1.

From the Eastern Territory’s Good News!

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