Guam Corps wins voice in Congress

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MADELEINE Z. BORDALLO (center), an emeritus member of the Guam Corps Advisory Board, was elected Guam’s delegate to Congress. With her are (l) Renata A. Bordallo, Madeleine’s neice and director of the Guam Corps’ Lighthouse Recovery Center and (r) Captain Linda Harmon, Guam corps officer.


A long-time member of The Salvation Army’s Guam Corps Advisory Board was elected the island’s delegate to the U.S. Congress in November. The island’s territorial status allows it to elect one non-voting delegate to Congress.

Rep. Madeleine Z. Bordallo is a founding member of the Guam Corps Advisory Board, which was created in 1992 shortly after The Salvation Army arrived on Guam to help people recover from a super typhoon. Bordallo has served since then as an active member of the board. In December, the Guam Corps appointed her an emeritus member of its advisory board.

“Since the beginning, we have considered Madeleine an asset to our advisory board,” says Captain David Harmon of the Guam Corps. “She has always been one of our strongest and most influential supporters here on Guam, and now she will exert that same influence in Washington, D.C.”

Bordallo will serve as a voting member of the House Armed Services and Resources committees. She will also sit on the House Committee on Small Business.

From 1995 to 2002, Bordallo served as Guam’s lieutenant governor, and she was a senator in the Guam Legislature for 10 years. In the late ’70s and early ’80s, she was the First Lady of Guam during the two terms of her late husband, Ricardo J. Bordallo, who served as governor. Originally from Minnesota, she resided on Guam since the age of 14.

Bordallo holds the distinction of being the first woman elected lieutenant governor on Guam, and she is the island’s first female congressional delegate, as well.

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