Ground-breaking nominations received at 2018 High Council

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Solemn and contemplative moments marked the nominations process in this first stage of the election to be the 21st General of The Salvation Army, which broke new ground with the nomination of the first married woman.

Accepting the nomination to be candidates are:

Commissioner Brad Bailey, Territorial Commander, USA Central Territory

Date of Birth: May 1958

Nationality: American

Home Territory: USA Central

Commissioned: June 1982

Married: Heidi Chandler, August 1978

Appointments: USA Central Territory Corps (June 1982); South America West Corps (July 1988), Territorial Headquarters (June 1992), Divisional Commander (February 1997); USA Central Territory Corps (March 2001); Spain Command Officer Commanding (August 2005); South America West Territory Chief Secretary (July 2008); International Headquarters Under Secretary (May 2010); USA Southern Territory Chief Secretary (September 2012); USA Central Territory Territorial Commander (July 2017)


Commissioner William Cochrane, Territorial Commander, Norway, Iceland and The Færoes Territory

Date of Birth: September 1954

Nationality: British

Home Territory: United Kingdom with the Republic of Ireland

Commissioned:  July 1975

Appointments: United Kingdom Territory with the Republic of Ireland Corps (July 1975–April 1979; July 1988–June 1994), Territorial Headquarters (June 1994), Chief Secretary (August 2006); International Headquarters International Secretary to the Chief of the Staff (June 2009), (Additional) Secretary for International Ecumenical Relations (April 2013); Norway, Iceland and The Færoes Territory Territorial Commander (August 2016)


Commissioner Kenneth Hodder, Territorial Commander, USA Western Territory

Date of Birth: June 1958

Nationality: American/British

Home Territory: USA Western

Commissioned: June 1988

Married: Jolene Kay Lloyd, June 1982

Appointments: USA Western Territory Corps (June 1988), Training College (July 1992), Territorial Headquarters (July 1993); USA Southern Territory Training College (July 1997) – additional appointment; International Headquarters Congress Coordinator (July 1997); USA Western Territory General Secretary (September 2000), Divisional Commander (February 2002); Kenya Territory Chief Secretary (March 2006); Kenya East Territory Chief Secretary (March 2008); International Headquarters International Secretary for Personnel and Legal and Constitutional Advisor to the General (June 2009); Kenya West Territory Territorial Commander (January 2013); USA Western Territory Territorial Commander (January 2017)


Commissioner Jane Paone, Territorial President of Women’s Ministries, Switzerland, Austria and Hungary Territory

Date of Birth: December 1958

Nationality: British

Home Territory: United Kingdom with the Republic of Ireland

Commissioned: May 1982

Married: Massimo Paone, June 1982

Appointments: United Kingdom Territory with the Republic of Ireland Corps (June 1982); Italy Command Corps (June 1983), Command Headquarters (October 1987), Corps (pro-tem) (June 1990); France Territory Divisional Headquarters (July 1991), Corps (June 1993); United Kingdom Territory with the Republic of Ireland Corps (June 1997), Divisional Headquarters (May 2001); Italy Command Command President of Women’s Ministries (August 2002); France and Belgium Territory Territorial President of Women’s Ministries (September 2009); Switzerland, Austria and Hungary TerritoryTerritorial President of Women’s Ministries (September 2014), (Additional) Senior International Social Justice Coordinator – Europe (January 2016)


Commissioner Brian Peddle, Chief of the Staff, International Headquarters

Date of Birth: August 1957

Nationality: Canadian

Home Territory: Canada and Bermuda

Commissioned: June 1977

Married: Rosalie Rowe, August 1978

Appointments: Canada & Bermuda Territory Corps (July 1977), Training College (December 1979), Divisional Headquarters (June 1985), Corps (July 1988), Divisional Headquarters (June 2000), Divisional Commander (June 2001); New Zealand, Fiji and Tonga Territory Divisional Commander (February 2007); United Kingdom Territory with the Republic of Ireland Chief Secretary (June 2009); Canada and Bermuda Territory Territorial Commander (July 2011); International Headquarters International Secretary for the Americas and Caribbean (September 2014), Chief of the Staff (November 2015).


Four individuals were nominated but for varying reasons declined: Commissioner Dick Krommenhoek, Commissioner Benjamin Mnyampi, Commissioner Floyd Tidd, and Commissioner Mark Tillsley.

The Vice President (Commissioner Birgitte Brekke-Clifton, International Headquarters) prayed for the candidates and the nominees who had declined before the council adjourned, enabling members to offer congratulations and greetings.

The proceedings will now pause while the candidates and spouses prepare their speeches and answers to the questions (see Chapter 6 of Inside a High Council:

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