Gowans seeks wider consultation

General John Gowans has announced a number of changes to the Advisory Council, all to take effect before the end of the year.

These include: enlarging the Council’s membership, changing its name to the General’s Consultative Council, and significantly widening its terms of reference by transferring it to the strategic planning dimension previously handled by the International Strategic Planning and Management Council.

The most dramatic change will be expanding the membership from the present 10 commissioners to include all commissioners, plus all territorial commanders whatever their rank, bringing the total membership to 85-90.

“I believe there is a need for the General to have an even wider pool of advisors than at present,” Gowans remarked in an International News Release. “No General is infallible and no General has the monopoly on either wisdom or experience.”

All officers eligible for High Council membership will be members of the General’s consultative council.

A special committee of the council will make confidential recommendations to the General on his proposals for the appointment and promotion of senior leaders.

General Albert Orsborn established the Advisory Council to the General in 1947. Its constitution has been regularly revised by subsequent Generals as circumstances have changed and new needs arisen.

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