Gowans condemns acts of violence, pledges assistance

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SEPTEMBER 12, 2001, London–The whole world has responded with disbelief at the atrocities which have taken place in the last 24 hours in the USA. The hearts of all Salvationists around the world have gone out to those who are suffering and in particular the relatives and friends of those who have died. The enormity of the situation has struck deep into every community.

General John Gowans and the Chief of the Staff, Commissioner John Larsson, along with many staff members at International Headquarters in London, gazed with horror as the live images flashed across the TV screens.

“Our first thoughts and prayers at a time like this must be for those thousands of families who have been bereaved by the devastation in New York and Washington and the thousands more who have been damaged physically and emotionally by these unthinkable acts of violence,” said Gowans. “The international Salvation Army pledges itself to provide all possible assistance to our American colleagues as they work with the emergency services in the disaster areas, and as they offer comfort and spiritual support to the distraught throughout the United States.

“It is impossible for us to understand the thinking of those who could plan and carry out an attack of this magnitude of horror and savagery on innocent men, women and children.

“Whatever the cause or objective, such behavior cannot be justified on any grounds. We can do no other but condemn it. It is clearer than ever that ours is a world that needs a Savior.

–From an IHQ News Release

Eyewitness recounts horror

Eyewitness recounts horror


Terrorists vary from Islamic beliefs

Terrorists vary from Islamic beliefs


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