General leads Africa Zonal Conference in Madagascar

Character building, child protection, and anti-human trafficking were a few of the topics discussed.

General André Cox and Commissioner Silvia Cox, World President of Women’s Ministries, led the Africa Zonal Conference in Madagascar—the newest country in which The Salvation Army is officially working. The conference brought together leaders of Africa’s 13 territories, three commands and one region across the zone for discussion, reflection and prayer about key issues that face The Salvation Army in Africa and around the world.

The zonal conference was preceded by a zonal women leaders’ conference led by Silvia Cox and Zonal Secretary for Women’s Ministries Commissioner Grace Mnyampi.

In his keynote speech, the General highlighted the achievements made in The Salvation Army’s accountability movement. He emphasized that the challenge going forward was not “to wrestle with concepts and ideas, but how do we translate the issues that we have agreed into concrete action?”

“It is important that we never lose focus on the fact that the Army was called into being for people,” he said. “If we lose focus on the priority of people, all the management competency, the programs, the buildings and considerable worldwide financial resources are of no use. At the heart of all we do, there are people. We need to value people. Our greatest resource is actually in our people—the people we employ, our soldiers, our officers, our volunteers and those we serve every day.”

In his message, the General urged the congregation to continue to grow in grace and knowledge of Jesus Christ. He appealed for them not to be content with attending and worshipping at the new opening, but to go out and preach the gospel, reaching out to other people in the community in Jesus’ name. After his message, about 50 adults and children knelt at the mercy seat and were prayed for.

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