General Cox is #UpForSchool

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6344d9f1-3cdc-41b9-a5f9-88055d9159d5_308-SignUpForSchoolGeneral André Cox added his signature to the #UpForSchool petition today, demanding that world leaders take immediate action to get every girl and boy into school.

The petition will be used to challenge world leaders that there is a movement of people standing up for the 58 million children around the world currently excluded from school because they are child laborers, married too young, discriminated against, exploited or living in war-torn regions where their schools, school children and teachers are under attack.

Each Salvation Army territory, region and command is asked to encourage its members, officers, employees, staff and others—including children over the age of seven—to sign the petition, showing that they care deeply about the transformative power of education for every child.

In September 2015 the #UpForSchool petition, including all the signatures collected by The Salvation Army, will be presented to world leaders at the United Nations by United Nations Special Envoy for Global Education and former UK Prime Minister the Rt Hon Gordon Brown.

“’The Salvation Army is working around the world to support the Up For School campaign to get every child into school and offer them a better future,” Brown said. “The role of the faith communities in the Up For School campaign is crucial as together we can create a powerful message that no world leader can ignore. Every child has the right to an education, no matter who they are or where they live. I want to thank The Salvation Army for being a key partner in this historic movement.”

The petition was also signed by Chief of the Staff Commissioner William Roberts, World President of Women’s Ministries Commissioner Silvia Cox, and World Secretary for Women’s Ministries Commissioner Nancy Roberts as well as International Headquarters staff, officers and international visitors from the current session of the International College for Officers.

Sign online or print a paper petition and submit to territorial headquarters by June 30 via

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