General calls Army to prayer

September designated as a month of prayer.

General Shaw Clifton has called on soldiers throughout the world to dedicate the month of September to prayer.

“Salvationists are praying people and we have cause to be deeply grateful for the devoted prayer which has supported God’s children through many situations in different areas of the world during this past year,” the General wrote in a letter posted on the Army’s International website ( Sometimes there is a need to call the whole Salvation Army to prayer on a specific issue, and this will happen again this year in the month of September.”

The month of prayer will focus specifically on two purposes—prayer for peace and prayer for victims of sex trade trafficking.

Sunday September 21 has been marked an International Day of Prayer for Peace. General Clifton stated, “Not only is there conflict between nations, but many countries have suffered internal tension and political unrest. Inevitably, the innocent suffer, and there is tragic loss of life and displacement of people. Our intercession is for the leaders of the nations, striving for peace and justice, and for the victims of war, suffering pain and bereavement. Our heartfelt plea to the Lord is: ‘Guide our feet into the path of peace’” (Luke 1:79, Today’s New International Version).

Sunday, September 28 is the day set aside to focus on victims of sex trade trafficking. “Once again, the victims of sex trade trafficking need our prayer and ongoing action for their release and restoration,” said the General. “Befriending those entrapped in the sex trade has been a continuing mission of The Salvation Army. Addressing the issue of demand is also on the agenda as we speak and teach around the world. Society’s attitudes can and must be changed through the power of prayer and godly intervention,” he added. “The Salvation Army is called upon to pray even more earnestly than ever before, for those who are abused and who need protection. Jesus said: ‘Whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me’ “(Matthew 25:40, TNIV).

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