General and Commissioner Cox visit Lithuania

General André Cox and Commissioner Silvia Cox, World President of Women’s Ministries, shared fellowship with people of all ages during their first visit to Lithuania. Among the people accompanying the international leaders were Territorial Commander Commissioner Marie Willermark and Officer-in-Charge for Lithuania Major Susanne Kettler-Riutkenen.

The visit began on Saturday with a women’s meeting led by Aux-Captain Annegret Gollmer, Assistant Officer. Participants spoke movingly about how God had saved them, changed their lives and rebuilt broken families. Commissioner Cox talked about God’s faithfulness and encouraged the women to trust that they are safe in God’s hands.

The afternoon started with a meeting with representatives from local churches as well as authorities, sponsors and other supporters of The Salvation Army in Lithuania, including partners of Klaipeda Corps. The General was told that The Salvation Army is a light in town and people are happy there is a place where people can find help, love and hope for the future. Many support The Salvation Army in Klaipeda in different ways—including prayer, financial assistance, and by providing New Testaments. The General prayed that these fruitful partnerships will continue so that, together, Salvationists and supporters will build a better world.

The General and Commissioner Cox were asked to leave colorful handprints on the wall in the youth hall as a sign that they had become part of the Klaipeda Corps family. The young people shared in fellowship with the international leaders, talking about their experiences and visions for the future. The General encouraged them to keep working for God’s kingdom and to put all their faith in the Lord.

In the Sunday meeting, members and friends of Klaipeda Corps, which opened just over 15 years ago, sang the Founder’s Song, ‘O Boundless Salvation!’ in Lithuanian for the first time. The General challenged the congregation not to be scared when faced with impossible situations, but to trust God, for whom nothing is impossible. He affirmed his belief that The Salvation Army is called to expand God’s Kingdom in Lithuania and that everyone present was called to be a part of this.

In the afternoon there was a joyful event for around 30 children and their parents. The General and Commissioner Cox wore Lithuanian Salvation Army T-shirts, played with the children and spoke with the parents, most of whom were customers from the second-hand shop. One father personally thanked the General for the afternoon event and also that he can buy cheap, good-quality clothes for his family at The Salvation Army.

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