Frontlines — News Briefs of the West

by Sue Schumann Warner –
Managing Editor

This edition of New Frontier comes with new stories, new directions and new opportunities to pray for and support the Army’s work in the West.

It also comes with sincere thanks to Community Relations and Development Secretary Captain Bob Rudd, who has made such a wonderful contribution to Frontlines for the past two and a half years. Many thanks, Captain!

We also give special thanks for the outstanding contributions of Associate Editor Frances Dingman, who has been a valued New Frontier team member for more than 16 years. As part of the THQ move to Long Beach, the territorial museum will be reestablished at the College for Officer Training at Crestmont…and, as museum director, Frances will need to wear just one hat as she plans for the reopening.

She has promised, however, to continue her historical articles which have been enjoyed and appreciated by so many New Frontier readers around the world! Thank you, Frances, for adding so much to all our lives!

Gerald Fialho was recently given a Civic Award by the Army’s Nipomo, Calif., Service Unit Advisory Board for his excellence in single-handedly managing the unit since 1991. Because of his commitment, the entire community has become involved in its operation. “Receiving this award has truly been an honor,” he said.”I am privileged to serve my community and am grateful for the opportunity.”

He has given well over 7,000 hours of service and raises funds locally to support the distribution of food and clothing to the needy of the area. It is people like Gerald who improve life for all of us, one person at a time!

A new, expanded Salvation Army thrift store will catch the eye of tourists passing through Nogales, New Mex. On hand for the ribbon cutting were Lt. Colonel Dan Starrett, Captains Gerald and Peggy Gattis, Tucson ARC administrators, and Captains William and Mary Dickinson from Tucson. Close to 300 people were there from the surrounding community on opening day.

The Tucson, Ariz., prison ministry program involves 15 to 20 local prison inmates in prayer, song, and Bible studies. Held every Sunday at the Southern Arizona Correctional Release Center, a women’s work release facility, these services are held strictly for the benefit of the prison population. The prison ministry program director, Envoy Gless Roth, has been holding these services since 1988, serving seven area prisons and the Pima County Jail. The program also provides one-on-one visits with inmates, Bible studies, worship services, and a Christian-based 12 step program. She ‘s credited for making a difference in the lives of many individuals in the local prison population.

The Lorenzen family thanks all who have written, phoned and sent messages in the sudden promotion to Glory of Philip, six days short of his 61st birthday. His life touched many for the Lord.

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