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by Captain Robert L. Rudd – 

The Salvation Army was selected by Americorps VISTA to greet President Bill Clinton as he arrived at Phoenix’ Sky Harbor International Airport recently. Four VISTA volunteers, who serve as the Army’s Project HOPE (Homeless Outreach to Place and Empower) team and the shelter after-care coordinator were joined on the runway by Capt. William Raihl, Southwest divisional secretary of business.

Clinton spent time with them discussing social services in the Valley of the Sun. “It was a wonderful experience to represent The Salvation Army of Phoenix before the President of the United States,” said Raihl.


The Long Beach, Calif., corps held a dinner recently at the Aquarium of the Pacific to honor the dedicated community service of George and Gloria Deukmejian. The former California Governor’s Long Beach connections reach back to the 1950s, when he practiced law in local firms. Gloria Deukmejian, a native of the city, has participated in many community activities and organizations. “We are delighted that they accepted our invitation, ” said Corps Officer Major James Hood. The dinner program also highlighted the Army’s long-range plan for Long Beach.


The Army received a share of nearly 30,000 pounds of food donated by Oregonians during Evangelist Luis Palau’s recent “mini-crusade” in Portland. In exchange for participating in the food drive organized by Churches Helping Our World (CHOW), the Army will be able to distribute one ton of food throughout the area. “This is a wonderful boost to our community,” said Lt. Doug Riley.


Orange County’s Tustin Ranch Band recently spent a weekend on the road promoting the Kingdom. The first stop was Santa Cruz to celebrate Arbor Day. The outdoor concert included renditions of Onward Christian Soldiers, Treasures from Tchaikovsky, and a jazz arrangement of Go Tell it on the Mountain. Captain Lee Lescano, corps officer, delivered an evangelical message to hundreds of city residents, tying the Arbor Day theme into the creator of the trees and the death of Christ on a tree. Their tour ended with the San Francisco Chinatown March of Witness, with a street concert followed by Christians joining in the parade back to the corps.


Zachary Trimmer was enrolled recently as a Junior Soldier on his 7th birthday. Zachary, the son of Captains Darren and Le Ann Trimmer, Ontario, Calif., corps officers, is a seventh generation Salvationist. He has 10 aunts and uncles on both sides of his parents’ families who are Salvation Army officers. Mariam and I are proud to be included among the officer four great-aunts and uncles on his mother’s side.




Why Stop at Pisgah?*

Why Stop at Pisgah?*

by Lt

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