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by Captain Robert L. Rudd – 

At the San Bernardino Corps (Majors Russell and Jacque Fritz, c.o.) there is now a women’s Christian reconciliation support group. All ARC associated women–mothers, wives, girl friends–are invited to attend.

They also report that thanks to a generous donation of 20 timbrels, the corps will soon feature the twirling and jingling sound of its own timbrel brigade. Seven girls attended the recent Sierra del Mar Divisional Music Councils to learn to play them, and more will surely follow.


Lts. Brian and Tina Hoover of the Petaluma Corps were warmly welcomed as special guests for the Easter Sunrise service at Two Rock Valley Presbyterian church. Gloria McMahan, a member who is also on the S.A. Advisory Board, says Hoover gave the sermon and Lt. Tina “signed” as a beautiful song was played.


Seven Junior soldiers of the North Coast Corps in Tillamook, Ore., learned games, recipes and “how to tie a turban” during their studies of our work in India. Envoy Phillip Bogle, in-charge, says they will continue to explore World Services as they move on to the next chapter on South America.


At a recent Thursday Chapel service at Crestmont, the Harbor Lighthouse Praise Team from the L.A. Harbor Light Corps was featured. What a fine way to highlight the positive changes which are occurring at this traditional Army program site! Captain Don Gilger brought a message, and praise team member Carl Carwell (formerly of Earth, Wind and Fire) shared his testimony. Captains Bret and Lorena Strickland are corps officers.


We have just concluded our Territorial Development Conference, which focused on building teamwork and interdisciplinary relationships. These are two keys that will help us unlock the door to the Army’s future. The conference was enriched by many special guests, including Lt. Colonel Tom Jones, national Community Relations and Development secretary; Butch Maltby, Bob Cotner, and Paul Curnow.


Yuba-Sutter Corps (Captains Gordon and Marjorie Franks)has a really hard-working group of Guards, Sunbeams and Adventure Corps youngsters. To raise money for uniforms, they covered the area one Saturday selling over $1,000 worth of candy. There was an adult for every two pairs of sellers. Afterwards volunteers cooked hot dogs and brought salad, chips and other extras so they could celebrate in style. Now they’re snappy dressers, too!


Lts. John and Candy Carr, at Tri-Cities, Calif., report they have a new website. It was designed for free by a local computer college! The address is:


Please note that the new e-mail address for Colonels Robert and Carol Saunders, in the Philippines, is as follows:


We extend sincere sympathy to Commissioners David and Doreen Edwards. His aunt, Mrs. Dora Shaw, was promoted to Glory recently from Georgetown, Guyana. Mrs. Shaw was a significant influence in his life, and her passing is a personal loss for him. The family will be greatly encouraged by your prayer support.

Big Winners

Big Winners

Congratulations to the Home League members of Redlands, Calif

A Tribute to the Faithful

A Tribute to the Faithful

by Colonel Bill D

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