Frontlines — News Briefs of the West

Captain Robert L. Rudd

by Captain Robert L. Rudd – 

Lt. Colonel Carolyn Peacock, territorial current affairs secretary, notes that six Alaska corps participated in the WRAP campaign against pornography.

The Sitka Corps presented a voter initiative to be presented to the Alaskan State Legislature seeking enforcement of the existing decency laws. Home Leagues, youth programs, auxiliaries and advisory boards also participated in this year’s campaign.

Captain Noreen French,
Napa, Calif., corps officer, has recently received the Spirit of Service Award from the United Way of Napa and Solano. Because of French’s efforts over the last three years, the three major service providers (Catholic Charities, Napa County Dept. of Health and Human Services and the Army) have banded together, along with most of the other smaller groups, to provide Christmas assistance to all of Napa County.

This is a real success story, as less fortunate people in the area now know how to apply for help without duplication, and fewer people are being skipped because of the previous confusion. Well done!


It was a fun-filled night for 52 teens and chaperones from several corps as they were “locked in” at the new Mountain View Outpost, Alaska overnight. Neon Bowling, ice cream, pizza and no sleep were all in the plan. A big thank-you goes to Lt. Hank Derka, in-charge at the outpost, for being host and facilitator for the event.

Turlock, Calif., Corps hosted Captain Patrick Granat for a series of powerful meetings at the corps. After serving in Times Square in New York City, he came out West and founded the Turk Street Corps in the Tenderloin of San Francisco. This handful of people in a rough neighborhood has grown to being one of the powerful and life changing ministries in the area.

Captains David and Diane Ebel, corps officers, report advance publicity has been very effective. Two weeks ahead, the Turlock Mayor’s Breakfast was a total sell-out! This year’s event will seat 850, almost double last year’s. Special guest is baseball pitcher Dave Drevecky.

The Redwood City, Calif., Corps (Envoys Ron and Roberta McKinney) pushed World Services with two events. The wonderful Home League ladies hosted close to 80 people at the annual Self-Denial Tea, where they and members of the Men’s Fellowship brought plate after plate of delectable items. The Men’s Fellowship then sponsored a Pancake Breakfast, which was also pronounced a huge success. A wonderful cause, and a fine effort at Redwood City.

Southwest Airlines
baggage handlers and customer service agents recently assisted the flood effort in Northern California by donating canned food, water, socks, and transportation of goods to The Salvation Army. Rodney Ramos, customer service agent, said, “We’re here for our community. We will do whatever we can to help others in their time of need.” What a wonderful spirit!

Lt. Colonels Mervyn and Shirley Morelock
, territorial evangelists, will return to the scene of their first appointment, Modesto, Calif., to conduct a final evangelistic campaign before their retirement. A corps reunion dinner will be held in their honor. Families and individuals who have been associated with The Salvation Army over the past 40-50 years are encouraged to attend and bring photos.

The many friends of Commissioners Will and Kathleen Pratt (R) will want to know their new address, which is 4 Earlswood, 21 Clarendon Road, Bournemouth BH4 8AL, ENGLAND. It is always a pleasure to see the Pratts when they visit the territory.

Commissioners James and Ruth Osborne (R)
wish to thank all those from the warm and wonderful Western Territory who have remembered Mrs. Osborne with prayers, telephone calls, cards, flowers and words of encouragement during her recent knee replacement surgery and recuperative period. “It is appreciated more than words can express.”

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