Frontlines — News Briefs of the West

Bob Bearchell

By Bob Bearchell – 

Californians are well aware that “El Niño” weather is approaching this winter. Camp Mt. Crags in the Malibu hills was the site for a large community event, “Emergency Flood Safety Seminar.” The CHP, Sheriff, Fire Department and County Flood Control experts were on hand to show residents of flood-threatened communities how to prepare for whatever comes.


Major David Dalberg, national disaster services coordinator, reports part of the Emergency Disaster Grant from the Western Territory has purchased a Ford truck to aid in post-hurricane relief efforts in Acapulco, Mexico. It is already hard at work around the clock.


Citizens of Sitka, Alaska, are invited to watch Monday Night Football at the corps. According to A/Captains Michael and Susan Nute, it will be good clean fun. ” ‘No cussin,’ no drinkin,’ no smokin’,” states their promotional flyer, but snacks and good fellowship will prevail. Proceeds will go to World Services. A great idea!


Lt. Colonel Jim Sullivan, County Coordinator in Las Vegas, is quite proud of their new Culinary Arts Training Program. Fifteen formerly homeless clients graduated from the program recently, to enter the second phase of seeking employment and independent living.

The Salvation Army is networking with the Community College, Nevada Dept. of Vocational Training, the AFL Culinary Union, and local hotels and restaurants. It is an excellent example of what the Army can do to make the new federal program on welfare reform work.


The North American Association of Christians in Social Work recently presented its Award for Distinguished Christian Service in Social Welfare to Territorial Social Services Secretary Gordon Bingham. Among other things, Gordon was cited for outstanding administrative abilities as well as for providing a role model for Christian family living and his commitment to the integration of Christian faith and practice. We knew all that. Congratulations, Gordon!


The past met the present recently in Riverside, Calif., when Captain Guy Hawk, Riverside corps officer, and members of his advisory board and staff opened time capsules from 1930 to 1965 at the old corps building. “It was quite interesting to see the history of both the city and The Salvation Army come alive before our eyes from two time periods,” Hawk said. “We did much of what we’re doing today…but the outreach now has expanded to meet the ever-changing times.”


We hear that the Rotary Club of San Bernardino North, Calif., has selected Major Russell Fritz, corps officer, as their “Outstanding New Rotarian” for 1996-1997. Congratulations to the Major for his meaningful impact throughout this community.


This year’s “White Ribbon against Pornography” campaign emphasizes tying a white ribbon on your car’s antenna. Cadets have been going around THQ providing ribbons and information. Lt. Colonel Carolyn Peacock, current issues secretary, hopes this will motivate others to stand up for decency and safety in the community.


Just received an e-mail from Petr, who works with Captains Richard and Rebecca Huntley at the Josef Korbel Hostel in the Czech Republic. They have a new e-mail address, which is

They were excited about the article on Promise Keepers (PK) in a recent issue of New Frontier, and are trying to start it in the Czech Republic. Recently, with 10 other men, they went to Siegen, Germany, where there was a first conference of PK in Central Europe. There were 2000 there! They ask for prayer support in beginning their PK group.


Not many of us get to do this, but our wonderful THQ volunteers Ken and Phyllis Bricknell are off on a Caribbean cruise celebrating 50 years of marriage. Congratulations to this choice and hard-working couple!

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