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Bob Bearchell


By Bob Bearchell – 


Over 600 firefighters received food and drinks from two mobile S.A. canteens on duty near fires burning in the Santiago Canyon, Calif., area. “The Salvation Army will provide support to the emergency workers as long as the fire crisis continues,” said Lt. Colonel Alfred R. Van Cleef, divisional commander.




Country singer Reba McEntire will perform during the halftime festivities at the Dallas Cowboys game on Thanksgiving Day. A song saluting the work of The Salvation Army is being written for her, to sing during the National Christmas Kettle Kickoff ceremony. A video of the song will also be available to TV networks. It will be released as a single, and proceeds donated to the Army.


American Express has agreed to publicize The Salvation Army in a campaign including the kettle effort, and will publicize our work in its newsletter. This fine publicity is expected to give us a super kickoff this year.




General Paul A. Rader has announced the name of the 1998-2000 Session of Cadets around the world, taking us into the next millennium, will be Forward 2000. We can’t know what the future holds, but know that God is in control.




Along with kettles and carols, the Christmas War Cry remains one of the Army’s most enduring Yuletide traditions. An anthology of stories chosen from many years has been published, and will be available from the Trade Department. Keep this in mind for a super gift idea!




After 30 years in their corps building, the Army’s administrative offices and social services functions in Casper have moved into a large building which was donated to The Salvation Army in 1995. Thus, says Corps Officer Captain David Roehl, the corps building will be solely a worship center at last. Congratulations on this fine expansion into the future!




Every Monday night, as many as 10 people from the Newport, Ore., Corps, led by Captain Mathew Niblack, stand with other Christians on the sidewalk protesting a bar that promotes exotic dancing. Soldiers of the corps include Betty Eads, Floyd Durham, Beverly Handy, P.J. Handy and Franky Cabanag. “We are witnesses for Jesus.”




Chico, Calif.’s only homeless shelter won’t reopen this winter. Captain Ray Yant said the former National Guard Armory, a homeless shelter for a decade, has been rented to someone else this year. As a drizzle gives a hint of bad weather to come, he has no idea where to turn. “We need a big facility, 5,000 to 6,000 sq.ft., with showers,” he explains. The Captain is willing to listen to anyone with a solution. “I’m willing to do anything possible to keep homeless men, women and children off the streets.” Let’s pray for an answer!




We were pleased to see a fine article in the September 1997 Catholic Digest (reprinted from the Philadelphia Inquirer) about how The Salvation Army’s ministry is different.




Jenni Ragland, public relations director at Alaska DHQ, reports the slogan, “Change Goes In, Change Comes Out” worked out well in promoting the Army with corporate donors who have paid to sponsor their kettle campaign this year in Anchorage. This was one of many ideas included in the 1997 Christmas Media Kit from National Headquarters.




Roy Wagner, a long-time volunteer with the Long Beach Corps, was given the prestigious First Lady of California Volunteer Award recently at the Burbank Hilton. Roy, one of four Californians to receive this award, was nominated by Major James D. Hood, corps officer.


Roy has volunteered for the Army for nearly a decade, working with the homeless, veterans, drug addicts, AIDS patients, and children.


“This is another honor for a very deserving individual,” said the Major. “His service to our organization has been tremendous, and it’s great to see him honored like this.”

A donation was also made to the Long Beach Corps in Wagner’s honor.


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