Frontlines — News Briefs of the West

Bob Bearchell

By Bob Bearchell – 

Did you know Salvation Army history is now at your fingertips through the Internet? Rather than just a quick rundown, several subjects are covered thoroughly. Address is


Roy Wagner, a long-time volunteer at the Long Beach, Calif., Corps, recently earned the JC Penney Golden Rule Award, which recognizes, honors and rewards volunteer service. For nearly a decade, Wagner has worked with the homeless, veterans, drug addicts, AIDS patients, and children. “I wish I had a hundred more volunteers with devotion and a caring attitude such as his,” said his corps officer, Major James Hood.

Wagner also received $1,000 for his favorite charity, a cut glass trophy, and a letter from the President.


The Tucson City Council recently approved a citizen’s task force recommendation to create six sites where the homeless will be fed, be able to take a shower, pick up mail and have access to social services. The Army feels it would be more effective to expand our current facility to include all of these services. We are now restricted by the city to 2.5 hours per day in a building which the city provides. The Army, under the leadership of Captains William and Mary Dickinson, continues to feed anyone who is hungry!


San Francisco Korean Corps, led by Lts. Fred and Chris Kim, regularly makes League of Mercy visits to Salvation Army programs in the city. Recently, one such tour was led by Korean Territorial Commander Colonel Sung Duk Lee and his wife, Colonel In-sun Cho, along with officers from the territory and members of the city’s Korean First Presbyterian Church. They shared music and testimonies, distributed 82 gift bags and served 100 teriyaki dinners.

During July, six members of the corps assisted in the Army’s flood relief efforts in North Dakota.


The Riverside, Calif., Corps (Captains Guy and Denise Hawk) ended its week of vacation Bible school by building a 10 foot long sundae with all the trimmings! More than 100 kids, plus teachers and helpers, grabbed a spoon and joined in. The theme for the week was “Be a Promise Builder for Jesus.” In keeping with the theme, a large donated play house was brought up on the stage and the children were able to help as it was painted and roofed.


More than 20 children, ages 9 to 13, from the Ukraine recently spent five weeks in San Diego, staying with volunteer host families. Their visit was sponsored by a local volunteer organization, coordinated by the First Unitarian Universalist Church, that reaches out to some of the children from the area that received 70 percent of the fallout from the 1986 nuclear power disaster.

A visit to the Salvation Army Thrift Store in Vista was an unexpected added attraction for the children, who received new toys and a free shopping trip. Some had arrived with only a few clothes in plastic bags. “We are very blessed to help our visitors from Chernobyl,” said Major Joe Viola (R), ARC administrator.


October 16-19, Macy’s Stores throughout California will promote the sale of Home Emergency “PrepKits” in conjunction with The Salvation Army. Sales price of $2.50 will be given to the Army to help cover production costs. This is not a fund raising effort. Any proceeds above production costs will go to earthquake preparedness efforts in communities throughout the state. This will provide visibility in the community for the Army’s disaster services as well as for the coming Christmas season.

More than 100,000 of these kits have been ordered from around the state since April.

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