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By Bob Bearchell –

Bob Bearchell

Interest continues to rise in connection with the 1997 Great Vic-tory Congress to be held in Long Beach June 6-8. To date there are 6,400 registered delegates. Hallelujah!

For several years, names of new local officers and other corps milestones have appeared on the “People Matter Most” page in New Frontier. Unfortunately, lack of space causes us to discontinue the column. We appreciated all those who faithfully shared this information with us!

Major Ruth Looker tells us that to date she has received 26 new sponsors for children overseas, and seven inquiries as a result of the recent article and coupon in the New Frontier. What a difference this will make in the lives of those precious youngsters! The new Web address for Child Sponsorship is:

W.T. “Bill” Shearer, head of the Adams County, Colo., Sheriff’s Department, writes to Colonel Bruce Harvey, divisional commander, that the Disaster Response Team truly made a difference during a recent eight-hour standoff. “Especially in SWAT type operations, it is absolutely critical that the deputies have all of their capacities when required to make life-threatening decisions. Being warm, dry and well fed certainly contributes to this goal, and it wouldn’t have been possible without your assistance.”

* One hundred twenty men were recently in attendance at a first ever Southern California Hispanic Men’s Retreat. Eight were from the newest Outpost at El Monte, under the leadership of Mr. Raul Guerrero. Congratulations to Capt. Phil Lum and other members of the planning committee!

* Lts. Robert and Donna Marshall, commanding officers, organized a special day of appreciation at the Compton Community Center called “A Taste of Compton and Lynwood.” Local restaurants provided their house specialties, which were sampled by over 300 supporters of the Army.

Captains Leroy and Doreen Thieme are coordinators for the fifth annual Sally’s Camping Club. This is open to all officer families and singles, and any soldier or non-Salvationist at personal invitation. No fees, participation or program requirements, and no expectations. You just pay the cost of your site, personal expenses, and a small share of the group charges.

This year’s campout will be August 11-17 at Lake Siskiyou in the Mt. Shasta area of Northern California. Reservations are made directly with the campground at (916) 926-2618.

Victims of flooding in the Modesto, Calif., area received 34,000 pounds of badly needed supplies from Colorado, the largest shipment from outside California. With the cooperation of Wal-Mart Sam’s Club, and King Soopers, supplies were collected and delivered in Wal-Mart and ARC trucks. Volunteers in Denver made it possible for The Salvation Army to continue its regular activities in the city.

Amelia Madole has been Orange County Women’s Auxiliary President since 1996. In May her husband, Milt Madole, will become Chairman of the Orange County Advisory Board. Last year the couple received the William Booth Award. They make a great witness to “couple” involvement and have made an impact on countless in their community.


The Prayer List

The Prayer List

Envoy Chris Parker, in-charge, Eastside Corps, Wash

The Road to Emmaus

The Road to Emmaus

By Commissioner Peter H

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