Frontlines – News Briefs of the West

By Bob Bearchell –

Bob Bearchell

Congratulations to the Golden State Division (Majors Jerry and Jeanine Gaines, D.C.’s). Six out of the top 11 Sunday schools on the latest Territorial Sunday school report hail from that part of our great and growing territory.

Greeley/Weld, Colo. Corps (Lts. Kris and Camie Potter) had nearly 100 volunteers at their Annual Recognition Dinner. One thing that really stood out was that youth made up the majority. Potter said, “We know where things are headed for this community when the youth, our future, are so giving of their time to those who need the most help.”

These people partly represented the more than 1,000 volunteers who had worked with the Army last year, helping serve nearly 50,000 meals.

Captains Dave and Darlene Roehl report a recent super weekend, observing the 30th anniversary of the Casper, Wyo., corps building relocation. There was excellent TV coverage and good attendance at all events. Special guests were Majors John and Betty Randall of the Long Beach ARC.

There was outstanding media coverage of the El Paso, Tex. Advisory Board dinner, annual report, and the kickoff of their 100th year in the area. Captain Michael Olsen, county coordinator, reports that the annual report was produced through by the efforts of the Advisory Board Chairperson, Jill Zuloaga, on her home PC, the modest cost of $300 being covered by financial support of Advisory Board members.

“What am I going to do with all that food?”asked Ross Anderson when he found he had won a $500, five minute shopping spree from Albertson’s Food and Drug Store in Tucson, Ariz. His RV not having room for all those groceries, he donated a cart full of meat and a large tub of vanilla ice cream to the local Salvation Army Soup Kitchen.

Then, says Gless Roth, soup kitchen director, he and his wife threw in several new blankets for the Army to use as needed. Now, that’s a good Samaritan!

The Waoli Chapel Corps (Majors Roberto and Esther Rubin) conducts an outreach Sunday school in a low income housing building and a Bible study in a soldier’s home. They had 62 youth and adults participating in a recent Manoa Valley parade, complete with a brass quartet and a brand new corps banner. What a great witness!

Majors Ernest and Juanita Clevett (R) tell us they will be doing post-retirement service as corps officers in Port Arthur, Texas, near Houston. We know those Texas folks will take them to their hearts!

We have just heard that the Pasadena Tabernacle Songsters, under the direction of Songster Leader Bill Flinn, have been invited to perform at Royal Albert Hall in London in May 1998 to help celebrate the 100th Anniversary of the first Songster Brigade. Congratulations on this signal honor!

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