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For my thoughts are not your thoughts, nor are your ways my ways, says the Lord. For as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways and my thoughts than your thoughts. Isaiah 55:8-9

Riverside Sunbeam goes full circle
Riverside, Calif., Corps Officer Major Rick Peacock reports, “A few months ago the corps started providing lunches to the families at the local shelter. Last night Patty Ferguson took her Sunbeams to deliver the lunches to the shelter (they refrigerate them overnight). One of the Sunbeams unexpectedly said to Patty, ‘I remember this place—we use to live here when we had no money.’

“It is touching that this little girl has at such a young age, been able to go full circle from shelter resident, to volunteer.”

Yakima carries on tradition
The Yakima, Wash., home league recently held their 53rd annual nursing home luncheon, attended by 70 guests from the home, and highlighted with a light house theme. Special guests were Major Bud Fuqua, who gave the devotional, and Major Cheryl Fuqua, who sang a solo. Major Chris Morrow, Yakima corps officer, chaired the program and led the united singing. Home Leaguer Sandy Lutshg made star fish pins for all who attended. The tradition was started by Mrs. Major W. Mahey (now deceased) and Home League Secretary Dorothy Woodward, who has attended all but one of the luncheons.

Denver hosts sobriety banquet
Under the direction of Captains Grady and Julie Brown, the Denver ARC hosted its first Sobriety Banquet recently. Two hundred sixty-two attended, including 51 alumni of the Denver ARC. Captain Stephen Sutter, a graduate of the Denver ARC, was the special guest speaker. Captain Noelle Nelson provide a special musical selection. During the banquet, John Pape was retired after serving 20 years as maintenance custodian at the Denver ARC.

Kake creates community band
In Alaska, the Kake Corps has created a community band. Supported by the generosity of the local school, which gave all of its instruments to the corps, members of this small community now enjoy weekly musical instruction and quarterly concerts. Corps officers are Majors Scott and June Nicloy.

Pasadena enrolls senior soldiers
Four new senior soldiers have been added to the rolls at the Pasadena Tabernacle Corps, Calif. Corps Officer Capt. Edward Hill enrolled Jim Thompson, territorial director of loss prevention, Rebecca White, Laura Mellon, and Kyle Hassel.

Congratulations Major Hood
Major Deborah Hood, Turlok, Calif., Silvercrest resident administrator, has been awarded a Bachelor of Arts degree in Christian Studies from William and Catherine Booth College. Congratulations, Major!

Discovering the hero God created

Discovering the hero God created

Three hundred attend annual ARC retreat

Come join our Army

Come join our Army

Come join our Army by Tanya Pemberton – I am Tanya Pemberton,

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