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By Bob Bearchell – 

The territorial headquarters Crestmont Campus was host for the second year to “Light of the World,” a community event held for two nights before Christmas which includes participation by local churches. Winding down the hill, people saw from their cars (more than 1,700 in two days) an inspiring display of lights and scenes from the nativity with in-car narration and music by well-known actors and musicians. This represents wonderful involvement with the community as well as a lot of work and planning.

Congratulations to Captain Kenneth Hodder for coordinating another inspiring outdoor pageant!
Amy Walker, daughter of Seattle Social Services Director Tom Walker, has been concerned deeply about how to improve the school and community. She and two friends proposed a plan to brighten Christmas for the poor through The Salvation Army by acquiring and distributing food, clothing and gifts to the needy, as well as a plan for how to cover the costs. This plan was voted a finalist out of many ideas submitted by students who feel they can make a difference.

It’s strange, but it attracts attention! Corps Officer Captain Ray Yant reports the Chico, Calif., Corps held its first annual Bowling for Turkeys. Television and radio personalities took part by throwing frozen turkeys down the aisles of the Holiday Market. For each pin knocked over, the Army got a turkey to hand out to needy individuals. Money to purchase the 157 turkeys was donated by Pat ‘N Larry’s Steak House, James Louis Orchards and Paiva Farms Hulling and Shelling.

The San Diego Citadel Corps (Captains William and Harryette Raihl) draws an average of 125 teens monthly to a program that provides pizza, recreation in the gym and entertainment in a safe and non-threatening environment. Local Christian rap groups are brought in not only to provide great entertainment, but to bring a message of Christ. Volunteers from local churches and a large Christian college are on hand to assist with the program and provide counsel.

Major Stephen Owen, Colorado Springs c.o., says they are excitedly planning a youth missions trip on the way to the Congress in June. One team will be in Tijuana, Mexico, and the second will be in the San Diego area, sometimes working with the Tijuana group. That’s good use of travel time!

Joining Divisional Commander Lt. Colonel Evelyn Hunter in bell-ringing this year were celebrities including Seattle Mayor Norm Rice, best selling author Robert Fulghum, and many well known athletes. They rang extra hard this year to help make up for expanding needs in the Seattle area.

Captain Mike Olsen, El Paso County coordinator, reports that well over 16,000 toys were distributed to corps and programs outside the county. These were brand new Hasbro toys (Playskool, Tonka, and Parker Brothers). Their largest plants are in El Paso, and thousands of high quality excess toys are donated every three months. They expected to distribute over 45,000 toys this season. That’s a lot of joy for youngsters!

Esther Abbott has taught several generations of people to play the hand bells in Santa Cruz, Calif., (Captains Scott and Cherilee Ramsey). At a recent Holiness meeting, one of the local officers said, “If at a Congress sometime, one were to ask, ‘Will all the people Esther has taught to play hand bells please stand up?’ there would be an army of people standing.” We understand this patient lady also teaches a Sunday school class and is the corps organist. What a way to share a wonderful talent!

Under the direction of Captains Lawrence and Victoria Shiroma, the staff, volunteers and residents of the San Francisco Harbor Light followed a precise plan that would be the envy of the military. Within two hours, 2,400 hot holiday meals were assembled and picked up by 150 volunteer drivers who sped them to shut-ins. As the carving and serving went on, the holiday spirit was everywhere, showing the “thanks” as well as the “giving” of the day. Among the volunteers were a large group of fire fighters who helped carve. Special thanks to Al Gee, advisory council member, Bob Bowcock, and Andy Wirth, all volunteers for many years. It was indeed a wonderful “team” effort!

The Trade Department is open the second Saturday of each month, not every Saturday, as we reported in the last issue of New Frontier. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.

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