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By Bob Bearchell –

The recent fires in Southern California came perilously close to Camps Mt. Crags and Gil-more in the Malibu moun-tains. The good news: the camps were spared, and though the area was burned, the memorial cross still stands unsinged. The firefighters were marvelous, say Sarah and Dave Bentley, camp directors. After the initial danger passed, the Army fed 1,000 fire personnel each day. They slept at camp, too. Thanks, everyone, for those prayers!


The City of San Bernardino held its 10th Annual Red Ribbon Parade recently. This anti-drug event had as its theme “Be Healthy and Drug Free.” Major Robert Gregory, ARC administrator, was joined by Advisory Council Chairman Nettie Johnson, along with the men from the ARC on the march. Joining them were a S.A. truck, with the message, “Your Donations Support Drug Rehab” and a vintage red fire engine from the Riverside Corps. Along for the ride on the fire engine were Corps Assistant Lt. Valinda Castillo and a group of enthusiastic Guards and Sunbeams representing the Army’s fine youth programs.


Capt. Sherry McWhorter, regional humanitarian aid coordinator and regional finance officer, reports from the Republic of Georgia: “We serve 15,000 hot meals every day, and provide dry rations to 190,000 each month. We put clothes on the backs of orphans and seniors and other needy folks every year.” They are looking out for souls, too. The Army has begun the first English language church services ever offered in the Republic of Georgia. Capt. McWhorter is also the pastor/chaplain for the international community of Tblisi. Remember the captain and her far reaching ministry in this needy part of the world. Correction: her email address is SMCWH@ESD.ORG.GE


Major Harold Brodin, Alaska divisional commander, received sincere thanks from the Anchorage Fire Fighters’ Union for the Army’s support of its recent fundraising hockey game featuring former hockey greats, including Bobby Hull, to benefit The Salvation Army. “…While your role [in an emergency] is less glamorous than ours, it is no less important, and the support and aid you give to victims of disaster or dysfunction can make a life and death difference,” wrote Joseph W. Albrecht, president of Local 1264.


As Mother Theresa once said, “We can do no great things, only small things with great love.” These words describe the astounding number of crafted items made by San Francisco Women’s Auxiliary members for its annual Holiday Bazaar. Members meet weekly to work on the items, and even some who are not especially crafty follow directions and enjoy the fellowship. With its two events per year, the group annually clears more than $20,000 to support Army services. Major Jeanine Gaines is director of women’s organizations for the Golden State division, and Vi Wong is auxiliary president.


A renaissance of music ministry is under way in the Hawaiian and Pacific Islands Division. Several one-day music schools were planned and led by Cathy Hayes, divisional music specialist, and involved over 100 young people and leaders. The large number of parents present for the final festival were thrilled by the progress of their young people in just a few hours. Music schools are planned in Kauai and the Big Island later this fall.


Alaska Governor Tony Knowles urges Alaskans to brighten the hearts of those in Alaska who look to The Salvation Army for help. He has proclaimed the month of November 28 through December 25 to be Sharing is Caring Month and calls for generous financial support, participation in food and toy drives, and helping with local holiday programs.


Colonels Dennis and Noella Phillips express their deep appreciation of officers and soldiers in the Western Territory who have so thoughtfully and generously remembered them with cards, letters and phone calls following the death of his sister, Louise Tilton. Colonel Phillips states, “When my brother-in-law first asked me to conduct my sister’s funeral, I didn’t think I would be able to do it because she was like a second mother to me. But thanks to the prayers from my Salvation Army family, I was overwhelmingly empowered by the presence of God and thus was able to minister to my family during this time.”

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