Frontlines — News Briefs of the West

Bob Bearchell By Bob Bearchell –

The THQ sendoff for Lt. Colonels Joe and Doris Noland to Sydney, Australia was a mini “Fantas-magoria” in keeping with their tradition of spectaculars. As of August 1996 there will soon be a total of 39 active Western officers serving outside the territory–five percent of our total active officer strength. How pleased we are to be giving of our personnel, as well as of our money for world service.


Captains Frank and Susan Severs recruited 40 volunteers from the Flagstaff, Ariz., community to paint the Family Services office inside and out, replace the roof, and install several new gutters and storage shelves in the food pantry. Materials and labor donated by individuals and businesses in the community will help the Army to meet local emergency needs more effectively. Truly a “giving” project!


Recently, two women in a picket line were killed by a runaway vehicle in front of the Safeway Store one block from the Lambuth New Hope Family Center in Denver, Colo. A/Captains Brian and Cindy Anderson were told that union counselors were on the scene, but they were able to help in an unusual way. Returning with a bag of red pull-string bows, Cindy helped stunned bystanders create a memorial on the tree near the accident scene. An appropriate sign she made at their request helped them to express their grief and support.


Randall Benson, a recent graduate of the Army’s Bell Shelter Employment Training Program, was honored as the L.A. Unified School District’s Outstanding Student of the Year for the county. This is the third year in a row a Bell Shelter student has been so honored. Randall has recently become employed and will be entering the Bell Shelter’s Transitional Living Program. “This only adds to the confidence we have in our program here at Bell Shelter, and I feel this program is among the best in the nation,” said Lt. Col. Alfred R. Van Cleef, divisional commander.


Riverside County, Calif., was recently the scene of frightening wildfires, with many people evacuated from three communities. The Salvation Army canteens dispatched from Sierra Del Mar Division were at one time serving 500 firefighters. Even after the Army closed its distribution center in Wasilla, Alaska, it continued providing clothing, food, minor medical and hygiene supplies, bedding, clean up kits, Bibles, etc. to fire victims as needed.


Fifty blue spruce trees donated by Schaeffer’s Nursery in Gresham provided a fund raiser for the Army’s Youth Center in La Grande, Ore. Boy Scouts will aid in planting the trees, which sell for about $100 each, in places which will benefit the community. The nursery owner is a client of Dan Schuette, who serves on the Advisory Board.


The Sierra Del Mar Division’s mid-year goal for Senior Soldiers, 1,000, was passed at the end of May, and the Junior Soldier goal of 599 fell barely short at 572. From a year ago, this is a gain of 212 more seniors and 112 more juniors. “V for Victory” pins will be given to those responsible for leading someone to Christ and soldiership. We hope to see the pins shining on each lapel at our Victory Congress ’97 in June.


Colonel Henry Gariepy (R) will be “visiting” our territory via radio in a live interview with Mike Cooper on Cross Talk regarding his book, Songs in the Night. Listen on KBRC, Costa Mesa, Calif., July 26 at 4:05 p.m. local time.

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