First 25 soldiers enrolled in Sierra Leone

Army meeting featured live on national radio

Captains John and Rosaline Bundu with the new soldiers in Sierra Leone

Only four months after officially beginning work in Sierra Leone, The Salvation Army has enrolled its first 25 soldiers there in a meeting featured live on national radio. In Dec. 2009, Captains John and Rosaline Bundu left Liberia to begin Army ministry in their home country of Sierra Leone. The work was officially recognized on Jan. 1, 2010.

The pioneering officers—along with establishing the Army’s credentials and mission among government, civic and ecumenical representatives—wasted little opportunity in outreach and evangelistic initiatives, gathering a nucleus of fledgling but dynamic Salvationists. Despite shortages of resources and facilities, a creative weekly itinerary takes place, including a home league (women’s group) and a visitation program.

At the enrollment ceremony held the first Sunday in May, the new soldiers—each of whom had completed recruits’ lessons—testified before a congregation of 100 people of their joy in making this commitment and finding a spiritual home.

Yeama Vandi, one of the new soldiers, said: “I was already a Christian when I came to The Salvation Army, but this has brought tremendous changes in my life. There has been improvement in my commitment to church activities, also a great improvement in my studies and daily life. The Army has also given me the opportunity to realize my talent in singing. Now a soldier of The Salvation Army, I’m so grateful to God Almighty.”

Francis Kargbo, another new soldier, testified: “I was only a Christian by birth and not in practice, but the coming of this great Army of God has created the thirst for the Word of God in my life.” Francis concluded, “By the grace of God I will always be a true Salvationist.”
Yeama and Francis, together with Captain John Bundu, will be delegates at The Salvation Army’s World Youth Convention in Sweden in July.

Bundu said, “I am so grateful for the God-given opportunity afforded my wife and me to pioneer the work of The Salvation Army in Sierra Leone, our home country.

“Starting the work from grass roots is a task that requires every effort and going the extra mile. However, the Lord has enhanced and is enhancing all our efforts so much that today we can be proud of these first 25 enrolled soldiers. This gives us much more courage, confidence and enthusiasm in the discharge of our responsibilities. I see this as continuation of fulfillment in my calling to ministry.

“Thanks to God for the opportunity to contribute towards the building of his
kingdom on earth in this historic way.”

From a report by Major Charles Swansbury

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