Ethan Bradley Shares His Russia Experience


After a good time of adjustment in Moscow I flew south to Rostov on Don for the Battle School program. There are 13 fellow students here, one Latvian, one German, one Canadian, one South American, six Moldovans, and three Russians, all led by Barry and Janine Sawyer, who are British. Its been a great challenge and great blessing to rub shoulders with so many cultures. The common bond has been God’s Holy Spirit and the fellowship of believers.

While Moscow, in my opinion, is like the New York of Russia, Rostov could be considered the El Paso, Texas of Russia. Rostov lies close to Russia’s southern border and is a mix of Asian people and Russians. We found that, to understand life here, you just have to walk a mile in their shoes. This is where the Battle School steps in! Special care has been taken that the students of the Battle School are on the same level financially and spiritually and that the westerners are not a stumbling block to our Russian brothers and sisters.

We live in a Russian style hostel among non-believers and eat what a Russian would eat. We have plenty to eat but it’s not always something I fancy or have a taste for. So I deal with it! We westerners are people of many choices. Well, for the majority of people here something like ice cream is a rare treat. Choosing it might mean no bread. They are often without the choices that we have in the west. My challenge is determining what I need and what I want.

The place where we live has yet to have the hot water turned on. All the channels you would have to go through to get the hot water turned on would make you crazy, frustrated, and angry. Paul said in Philippians 4 that he “learned the secret of being content in any and every situation whether well fed or hungry, whether living in plenty or in want. I can do all things through him who gives me strength.” This passage is more real to me than ever before. It’s a challenge to find that secret of contentment, so please pray for me in this way. My e-mail is >< or ><

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