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INDIA—The Chief of the Staff Commissioner Robin Dunster led meetings for more than 10,000 people in the India Northern Territory in October Accompanying her was Lt. Colonel Edna Williams.

The visit included several well-attended public meetings, a youth rally that attracted over 3,000 people, and officers’ councils; and stops at the training college, the Salvation Army girls’ hostel in Gurdaspur, MacRobert Hospital, Batala School and College, and territorial headquarters.

At the hospital, the Honorable Mr. Suchasingh Langa, India’s agriculture minister, pledged his allegiance to The Salvation Army in its service to the people of India.

Commissioners K.V. and Kusum Lahase lead India Northern Territory, which stretches from Kolkata, Orissa State and the Andaman and Nicobar Islands in the east to the Pakistan border and Kashmir in the northwest.

From www.salvationist.org

CANADA—The Salvation Army’s Winnipeg Booth Center has opened an emergency influenza pandemic clinic—with 23 beds—so the homeless have a place where they can recover from the flu.

The message from health officials that people who get sick should stay home just doesn’t work for the homeless, Major Karen Hoeft said.

No patients have checked in to the clinic so far; however, more people than usual are expected to be infected with the second wave of the H1N1 virus (commonly called swine flu), which is beginning to show up in Manitoba, Hoeft said.

From Salvationist.ca

ZAMBIA—Chikankata Corps Officer Major Beryl Pierce—a Western Territory officer serving overseas—organized the country’s territorial congress earlier this year. Although she was concerned about having enough clean water to accommodate 6-8,000 additional people—with the already inadequate supply—along with proper sanitation on the site and funding, the event was successful.

Seventeen new senior soldiers were enrolled at the congress, which makes 28 at the main corps so far this year.

Numbers at the corps continue to grow as 31 new junior soldiers were enrolled and 30 local officers were commissioned.

In an evangelistic outreach, Pierce and volunteers visited a coffee ranch that employs 2,000 hired hands. The group spent three days camping out among the workers and sharing their personal testimonies.

UNITED KINGDOM—British rock star Rick Wakeman is raising money for The Salvation Army’s work in the Norfolk Division through a sponsored diet.

Wakeman, who is a keyboard player, composer, and songwriter and was keyboardist for the progressive late 1970s rock group Yes, announced his intention to lose weight on BBC Norfolk. He hopes to have lost at least two stone by Christmas and raise at least £1,000 for The Salvation Army’s work in the region.

When asked why he chose The Salvation Army Rick said: “I’m a big admirer of their work—they do such good and it seemed a great opportunity to give something back.”

From www1.salvationarmy.org.uk



from around the territory and beyond… by COLORADO—Along with holiday gifts

I love a good roller coaster!

I love a good roller coaster!

by Leslie Cyr, Cadet – I love a good roller coaster

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