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INDIA—In Arunachal Pradesh State, the youth of The Salvation Army’s Aizawl Temple Corps held a free medical camp in the isolated villages of Bilat, Pangin and Tarak in the Pasighat District.

Rev. Dr. F. Sangkhuma and Event Coordinator Douglas Lalmawikima led the group, which included bandsmen and members of The Salvation Army Youth (SAY), Temple Corps. They traveled about 1,200 km (over 745 miles) to reach the remote location.

SAY member Dr. Esther Lalrammawii conducted medical examinations on 160 patients with the support of health workers and other team members. She gave each patient a health checkup and dispensed free medications.

With the assistance of the bandsmen and SAY members, Major Lianthanga and Extension Officer Major Vanlalchhungi held several meetings, including open airs.

The entire village attended the evening service, which included a movie of the resurrection of Jesus.

From a report by Major Vanlalfela, editor and literary secretary for the India Eastern Territory

BAHAMAS—The Salvation Army Erin Gilmour School in Nassau—a comprehensive educational facility for blind and visually impaired children—held a six-week SMART FUN summer school for children and teens. “SMART” stood for science, math, art, reading, recreation and technology; music, financial education and cooking were also in the curriculum. For only $50 per child, per week, the camp ran for six hours each day, Monday through Friday, and included weekly field trips.

From www.salvationarmybahamas.org

NEW ZEALAND—In late June, Wellington youth broke the world record for building the largest canned food structure—local Salvation Army clients were the real winners.

Secondary school leaders and On the Edge Trust (a youth development organization) collected 54, 527 cans and spelled the word iCAN in Wellington’s Civic Square, achieving a Guinness World Record. The project covered 360 square meters (3,875 square feet).

The event was designed to feed Wellington’s struggling families, with all the cans going to The Salvation Army, who received 40,000 cans, Wellington City Mission and the SPCA.

The Wellington office of Deloitte (The Salvation Army’s auditing firm) donated 2,000 cans and plans to have all its New Zealand offices collect food for the Army.

From www.salvationarmy.org.nz

fFrontLines – News briefs of the West

fFrontLines – News briefs of the West

by Sue Schumann Warner At the beginning God expressed himself

Are you for real?

Are you for real?

sharperFocus by Victor Leslie, Lt

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