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AUSTRALIA— In Melbourne, Australia, more than 600 youth—attending a weeklong Salvation Army youth conference—dressed in black and marched from Melbourne High School to Federation Square to raise awareness of human trafficking. Steve Chalke, international chair for Stop the Traffic, co-sponsored the event and addressed the group at the end of the march.

Stop the Traffic has over 1,000 member organizations working in 60 countries to stop the atrocity of modern slavery. Each year, according to the organization’s estimates, between two to four million women, men and children are taken against their wills—either across borders or within their own countries.

As a member of the Stop the Traffik global community, The Salvation Army is actively involved in assisting trafficking victims in Australia and throughout the world.

PAPUA NEW GUINEA— About 56 young people took part in a four-day “gospel walk,” held by the mission team from the South Eastern Division. Five teams participated— Tubucoast, Manisi, Sinavai, Sekode and First Taboro—providing training on children’s ministry, fellowship, visitations and HIV/AIDS awareness. Despite many challenges, nothing deterred them from their objective.

The dedication of the young people affected people along the trails; they reached many with the gospel. So successful was the project that similar efforts are planned for next year.

Taken from the May-June 2009 issue of Tokaut

CANADA—From January to April, Czech Roma citizens have flooded into Canada to escape fire bombings and beatings in their country, arriving with only their luggage and the hope that Canada will allow them to stay for good. Salvation Army shelter and support systems are serving those waiting to meet with immigration officers.

“We’ve been at overflow since the influx began,” said Joann Lameck, executive director of the Army’s Peel Region Emergency Residential Shelter program. “We are feeding more than 250 a day in two or three sittings. Beyond shelter and food, we provide clothes, bus tickets and case workers who help with immigration and housing.”

The Czech Republic has become one of Canada’s top sources of refugees.
Since shelters across Ontario are reaching capacity, staff members plan to meet with provincial and federal officials to determine what additional resources are needed to handle the influx.

From www.salvationarmy.ca

FrontLines – News briefs of the west

FrontLines – News briefs of the west

by Sue Schumann Warner – As, therefore, God’s picked representatives of

“I’m praying for you”

“I’m praying for you”

PrayerPower by Mervyn Morelock, Lt

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