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Cadets in Bangladesh arrive for their commissioning [Photo courtesy of International Headquarters].

Indonesia—Salvation Army teams responded to severe flooding, caused by torrential rain, in and around the city of Semarang, location of the headquarters of the Army’s Jawa and Bali Division, two corps, a school, retired officers’ quarters and a home for the elderly. While the facilities sustained some damage, the Salvation Army workers and friends were safe. A Salvation Army Compassion in Action team delivered food and a health team from William Booth Hospital, Semarang, set up a post in Sawah Besar, a hard-hit area where many children were becoming ill.

Estonia—In Narva, Captain Daniel Henderson participated in a citywide school conference on issues facing teens, including HIV/AIDS. He made connections with teachers, administrators and other city authorities. He also attended an emergency services preparation course in Finland, receiving training for leading the response to a major disaster.

Colonels William and Susan Harfoot, Chief Secretary and Secretary for Women’s Ministries in the Western Territory, visited Estonia to encourage the Hendersons and their team in Narva.

Christmas included parties for various groups, including one for HIV positive mothers and their children. More than 86 people attended the Christmas service, many of them for the first time. A New Year’s celebration welcomed those who were lonely or hungry, offering hope for the future.

Bangladesh—General Shaw Clifton and Commissioner Helen Clifton visited Bangladesh for the commissioning of eight cadets of the Witnesses for Christ Session. Although Bangladesh is under a state of emergency restrictions, about 450 people attended the weekend of celebrations.

United Kingdom—ALOVE, the youth ministry in the UK, is focusing on a year of discipleship in 2009. It will be the emphasis at the Forge youth worker training conferences in February and March.

Frontlines – News briefs of the West

Frontlines – News briefs of the West

by Sue Schumann Warner – So here’s what I want you to do, God helping you:

Miracles: Extraordinary feats by the hand of God

Miracles: Extraordinary feats by the hand of God

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