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Major Vivian Dorado distributes food to evacuees at Aleosan Community College in the Philippines.

Eastern Europe—This summer’s widespread flooding in Moldova caused the evacuation of approximately 5,000 people from villages where hundreds of homes were lost. The Salvation Army distributed food, water and personal care items. Severe flooding also affected Romania, where the Army distributed clothes and toys; the need is still great for food, clothes and shoes. The Salvation Army is seeking to assist 100 affected families and has developed good relationships with the government and other agencies working in the area.

Kuwait—International Headquarters has announced the appointment of officers to the Arabic Gulf State of Kuwait. Intensive research and visits to the country by the General’s Representative for Global Evangelization (Colonel Dick Krommenhoek) and the International Secretary for South Asia (Commissioner Lalkiamlova) preceded this decision.

The General selected Majors Michael and Teresa Hawley, officers of the USA Southern Territory, to lead the Army in this bold step of faith.

Within Kuwait, the authorities officially recognize three principal churches, Protestant, Roman Catholic and Coptic, and provide three separate compounds for these churches to conduct worship, teach and to preach. The Army will be located in the Protestant compound, which is officially known as the National Evangelical Church of Kuwait.

Kuwait’s large immigrant population could include up to 350 Salvationists from India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, the Philippines and Sri Lanka.

All Salvationists are encouraged to pray for this new venture within the “10/40 Window.”

Philippines—The Salvation Army provided emergency relief to almost 2,300 displaced families evacuated from fighting between government forces and the Moro Islamic Liberation Front on Mindanao Island.

Myanmar—Since the devastating cyclone that struck Myanmar in May 2007, The Salvation Army has been continuously providing assistance. The greatest need is food, since rice crops, vegetables, fruit trees and food storehouses were destroyed. Some people still need shelter. Houses are typically constructed of bamboo, but this is beyond the means of many families—costs have risen since the disaster and goods are in short supply. The Army is helping in two villages, purchasing materials to build about 20 houses a week. The most vulnerable families, especially the elderly, are helped first.

Donations to support these needs may be made online at www.salvationarmy.org.

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