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HAITI—Salvation Army Parenting School provides post-quake support for families. Spearheaded by Major Christine Volet, special project manager, the six-week program meets weekly.

Designed to provide alternatives to corporal punishment, it has three themes: to love, to protect and to help to grow. Lessons explore the needs of children and role of parents, managing emotions, positive communication, teaching responsibility and helping children to become autonomous, discipline and problem solving.

Approximately 20 parenting schools operate in Haiti today.

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TONGA—Regional Commander Lt. Bryant Richards presented certificates of achievement to 15 graduates of The Salvation Army’s Alcohol and Drug Awareness Centre (ADAC) in Nuku’alofa. Curriculum for the 12-week school includes alcohol and drug awareness, anger management and a comprehensive Twelve-Step program.

ADAC recently started a Recovery Church for graduates, designed to encourage ex-clients to stay on track.

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URUGUAY—The city of Salto hosted a Divisional Conservatory of Music Festival—themed “One Mission”— with the participation of Divisional Commander Hugo Ramos and staff from the Office of Music and Arts. Workshops took place in singing, percussion, guitar and drama, with each one preparing a festival performance. Six participants received a scholarship for next year’s music and arts celebration. A parade through the streets of Salto concluded the event.

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PARAGUAY—The Home League at the Villa Morra Corps in Asunción enrolled three young girls as members. Secretary of Women’s Ministries Mirtha de Fernandez led the enrollment ceremony. The Home League is thriving through the participation of young women, with a total of 11 girls and adolescents enrolled.

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CZECH REPUBLIC—The Salvation Army in the Czech Republic helped victims of rising floodwaters in Prague and the western part of the country. More than 3,000 people were evacuated from their homes. Many villages were evacuated—already flooded, with waters expected to rise.

The Army’s hostel and corps building are in the affected parts of Prague but were not affected (at this time). The hostel and its day care center remain open for homeless people who live under bridges and near the river.

From an international news release

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